When Strangers Meet

by admin on August 17, 2011

My daughter Ari is a performance artist, she is also a grant writer, a list maker, a graphic artist, an organizer of other people’s stuff, a thinker, a positive person, a person of reason, an old soul and a questioner.  She’s much more than that too.  As a person in her 20’s, she questions her life and her dreams and her future in this year of 2011.  She works hard and doesn’t get paid much…yet!

When the News is Bad…Make Your Own!

I think it is not easy for people of Ari’s age to stay hopeful in these economic times.  We are all being

pummeled with bad news on a daily scale.  Stocks, bonds, the Euro, the debt all of these things permeate the psychology of the society and create a low grade anxiety that flows through the family and our neighborhoods, seeping into our relationships with other people at home and at work, creating a pessimistic view of our futures as a whole.  These seem to be trying times, and yet we know there have been worse than this throughout history!  Certainly there are places all over the globe with people that are starving, or are witness’s and victims of  killings, or simply prisoners in their own homes.

We can go on and on with all the wrongs on this earth and we can feel helpless about it all.  After all what power do you have, just an individual, just a person, just one voice.

There is Hope But It’s Up To You!

It may not be much but if you can get a few strangers together to talk about things that are meaningful to them, if you can bring people together to exchange ideas without any agenda, that is; The reason to come together is not to “meet” someone, or to “learn” how to cook, or “network”, if you can bring some people who have never met to simply exchange some ideas, have a conversation, learn about the experiences of others, without the obligation to ever see each other again.   Well my friends, that is something.

…and that’s what my daughter does when she has a Stranger Dinner – It’s Performance  Art. It brings together strangers, creates a simple space for people to connect on a level that we so rarely do. From the heart. From the mind. Without any agenda.

And that’s a very powerful thing.


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