Bouncing Back – Again, and Again, and Again

by admin on July 25, 2011

The human body is an amazing thing. Think of all the abuse it takes over the years and yet it still manages to perform into, in most cases, a ripe old age.

Think of how much junk we pump into it that it doesn’t need – how much fat and salt and sugar and chemicals of various kinds disguised as food.

The tale of the tape

Think of how many calories we consume that we don’t need – almost 600 in a Big Mac alone, and that’s without the fries and soda – that just sit on our hips adding pound after pound to our weight and inch after inch to our girth

Too much

Think of all the physical activity we don’t get because our jobs are sedentary and are so far from our homes that we have to travel either in a car or by public transportation.

So, it’s no wonder that over the years we get larger. What is a wonder is that our bodies somehow manage to endure all this and still keep functioning at a pretty high rate, still keep moving, even if we start to move a little slower and with a tad less grace and elegance than in the past.

Your loss is your gain

And then one day we lose weight, or we start to workout and we tone up our muscles and people come up to us and say “hey, you’re looking really good these days, what are you doing?”

And we notice that we feel better. Our clothes aren’t so tight or they’re even loose! We sleep better. We have more energy. We look better. Our eyes are brighter, our skin clearer.

Yet despite all that we all too often slip back into old habits. You’ve probably heard the statistic, that around 95% of people who lose weight on a diet put it back on – and in many cases add a few extra pounds just for good luck. Why is that? Well, one obvious reason is that we are surrounded by temptation every where we go. You can’t walk down the street without seeing a store or restaurant selling you calorie-laden, junk-filled foods. You can’t go to the office without some well-meaning soul (maybe it’s you) bringing in cakes or muffins or cookies (how come no one ever brings in broccoli florets). The things that proved our undoing in the first place are all around us. And you can’t open up a magazine or newspaper, watch a TV show or go online without being bombarded by yet more ads for yet more tempting foods.

But it’s more than just temptation. It’s habit. We use food to console us when we’re down. We use it to reward us when we feel we’ve done something good. We use it as an occasion to hang out with friends. We use it as a courtship ritual when we go out on a date with someone.

It’s with us every single day of our lives but when was the last time you seriously thought about what you are eating, not just at that meal, but at every meal, with every product you buy?

Without being aware of what we are doing, of what we are putting into our mouth, it’s all to easy to slip back into old habits, to see the numbers on the bathroom scale slowly rise.

Bouncing back

But remember, if you lost it once, you can lose it again. And this time, knowing where you went wrong last time,  you can avoid those same pitfalls. Maybe you’ll find new pitfalls, but then you learn from those and bounce back again.

You know how good you felt, how good you looked when you were doing the right thing. That’s an awfully powerful incentive to stop doing the wrong thing and recapture that feeling isn’t it.


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