Imagination Is Real!

by admin on June 20, 2011

My hypnotherapy clients come in for all sorts of issues that are getting in the way of them living the life they want!  Whether their problem is poor self-esteem, weight, anxiety, blocks, or addiction, they all want to be free of the problem.  Yet their problems have become so familiar and comfortable to them they almost hold it like an old teddy bear, taking it with them where ever they go or what ever phase of their life they embark upon.

They feel safe and comfortable with this annoying, unwelcome friend until, finally, they decide to let go.

That’s when I come in

I’ll have a client tell me, “Well, I’ve always been anxious and worried”.  I wonder, did someone tell them that?  How does one become “labeled” with a behavior?  Is it like being told you are “gifted” or “smart”?   If it’s that simple, then all of us would tell our kids, “Gee, you are so smart” or “talented” or “gifted” right?  But I find that many latch on to sour labels, negative thinking and they live their lives thinking that they have no choice.

That’s when I tell them about imagination.  You know imagination don’t you?  Look around at where you are sitting right now….Everything you see is there because someone “imagined” it.  Right.  The lamp, the rug, the desk the computer I’m typing on was the result of someone’s imagination.  I just love that!

It's All In Your Mind!

I help my clients see the power that imagination has in our lives.  It is a very powerful thing and I don’t have to prove it to them because they can see the proof right before their eyes.  Then I tell them, if someone used their imagination to create all the things we see before us, why can’t you use imagination to create the life you would like to live?   Imagine what life would be to be free of the problems you have been hauling around.  Think of it, you can be free of thinking about weight, free of creating worry in your life, free of being afraid and anxious.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?  I had someone tell me long ago, “Wow, right…if it was only that easy.”  Well, it isn’t that easy, because you have to re-train your brain.  That’s right, we all have thoughts and those thoughts turn into choices and those choices become behaviors, and those behaviors become the way you live your life.  So if you worry about the past or the future you make the choice to drag it around with you and you feel anxious or fearful or just simply not complete which causes you to feel anxious.  If you feel anxious you become tense, your nervous system is put on alert your body creates stress to deal with the anxious feeling.  The stress and the tension create a tense, unhealthy environment and your body can’t work to it’s fullest potential so all systems are compromised, like your immune system, and your heart, and your quality of health.

You have the choice

Maybe it isn’t a conscious choice but one that is subliminal, as David Eagleman observes in his book about the mysteries of the brain, “Incognito”, “Brains are in the business of gathering information and steering behavior appropriately.  It doesn’t matter whether consciousness is involved in the decision making.  And most of the time, it’s not.”  When I work with guided imagery and hypnosis, we give the subconscious “new orders” and that information will be put into the mix and worked on day and night to achieve the wanted outcome.

Do It Yourself!

You too can re-train your brain to notice the thoughts that do not benefit you.  It’s just your ego needing some drama to keep you worried or anxious, but you have the right to choose which thoughts you have in your mind.  You have the right to let go of thoughts that no longer benefit you.  You can re-train your brain and create a life you want.  It’s all perception anyway.  You have the right to create a “belief” system that works for you and be the master of your own thoughts.

Just imagine.

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