Throw it on the wall and see what sticks!

by admin on May 22, 2011

I have a friend who has taught me a BIG lesson!  The lesson is “let go of the outcome and be happy when it sticks!”  Jan, my friend is a self-published woman.  I don’t mean she self publishes books, what I mean is that she has created a woman of her own making.  She has become the woman, “she wants to be”.  Jan doesn’t see if the rest of the crowd will go along.  She doesn’t take the temperature of the culture to see if it’s safe and warm to enter the human race.  Jan is just Jan, and this gal is fearless!

The lesson I learned from Jan came from a conversation we were having at dinner one night.  Jan had come to an event at the Spa where I work as a hypnotherapist.  When she met my boss, (and without hesitation) Jan said, “You know, we could put on a great event for you, we could do a workshop called “Fit and Fabulous for Women over 5o! It could include hypnosis, nutrition, and exercise.”

Well, after the event Jan followed up with an outline and some suggestions on how to make this workshop a reality.  Nothing happened.

The next time I saw Jan at dinner I said, “Too bad about the workshop, I think it would have been fun.”  Jan was completely unphased, “Oh yes, the “Over 50 workshop”, I’m doing it at a Spa in San Rafael!” 

“You see, I always make suggestions”, she said, “Sometimes they stick and sometimes they don’t, but I always make the pitch.  One time I was talking with a woman from a high end department store and I told her that I could increase her cosmetic sales just by interviewing the people at the cosmetics counter.  She took the Bluff and they sold so much that I made $1,500 in store credit in 2 hours.  I call it throwing the spaghetti at the wall and it it sticks it’s great, if it doesn’t try something else.”

Isn’t that wonderful?  Jan doesn’t just put one line in the water and sit there waiting for a bite.  Instead shes casts her line out over and over again, sometimes multiple lines at the same time knowing that sooner or later something is likely to bite.

I was amazed.  You see, don’t be held back by waiting for the outcome.  Just throw the Spaghetti!

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