4 Simple Steps To Lose Weight!

by admin on May 6, 2011

Most of my clients want to have better self esteem or lose weight.  These are two giant hurdles that seem to plague so many of us as we pursue our goal to happiness!  Some people go on diets that “guarantee” melting the pounds away.  I know one gal who just couldn’t lose the baby fat from her last pregnancy.  When I asked how old the baby is, she said, “Twenty-Two!”

People have been losing the same pounds for years. I know, because I have too!

It seems that there are times when I feel great because I lost those pesky 8 pounds and can comfortably fit into my clothes again.  Time marches on and those 8 pounds are back. And they brought 2 new friends!  Here we go again, knocking off the pounds over and over.

You Believe What You Want To Believe!

Recently, I was talking with some folks and each of them said they eat healthy.  Really? One of my friends only eats non-fat foods, but she eats a lot of processed snacks.  Another friend eats well at breakfast and dinner, but it’s a total free for all for snacks. And another friend really watches her diet except for “Special” occasions, and there seem to be a lot of those!

So it got me to thinking,

We all believe we are eating correctly and only go off the diet once in a while, but when we do the pounds add up.  Meryl Streep, who is a fit size 14, looks great, and has commented that as women age they naturally put on a few pounds.  In fact, the average woman adds around 10 -20 lbs every 10 years.

So if you are fit at forty you are looking at weighing 20 to 40 more pounds when when you are 60!  Right!  So how do we keep the weight off, look good, but be good shape?  Not too thin, not too fat, actually just right and healthy!

The key is making a decision and being realistic.  Are you really eating healthy, do you have too many “Special” occasions?  I mean, get real.  For me, the reality is I am always falling off the wagon and climbing back on.  I am always correcting, finding success and having to correct again.  I’ll never be as thin as Gwyneth Paltrow…but maybe she thinks she’s over-weight sometimes too.

Help Is On The Weigh!

I read an article in CNN Health about a woman, Anita Mills, who weighed 382 pounds and had been overweight all her life.  Then she lost 232 pounds in 2 years. That’s right, 232 pounds in 2 years. How you ask?  What finally made her lose the weight?

One day Anita took her diabetic mother to the doctor and as the Dr. was talking to her mother about all the options she could use to control the diabetes and live longer, her mother said, “I’ll try them all to save my life.”

It was at that moment that Anita realized how brave her mother was and by contrast how she, Anita, was actually killing herself by eating.  Seeing her mother make a decision to save her life was the trigger Anita needed to save her own.

That’s the day Anita took this picture: On the left, (Yes, that is the same woman!) and on the right is a picture of Anita after she lost 232 pounds without crackpot diets, stomach staples, or fads.

Anita followed 4 simple tips to lose the weight.

1-  Eat 8 ounces of food every 3 hours

2- No sugary drinks

3- Do not skip meals

4. Do not tell anyone what you are doing!

You see, Anita made a decision and stuck too it.  She did it for herself, it took 2 years but she has gained a life time!  Go Anita!


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