How's Your Day Going?

by DavalosMcCormack on February 1, 2011

Last Friday afternoon I was walking home from Chestnut Street.  At the cross walk there was myself and an elderly lady, the lady had a rolling basket in which she was collecting recyclables.  As we crossed the street she was walking in front of me and as we were crossing there was a fellow in a big black truck who had stopped so we could cross.

Suddenly, the fellow in the truck leaned out of the truck and yelled..”So you came to America to do that &^%$@ work?”  I don’t think he expected an answer and the lady in front of me didn’t even turn to acknowledge him.  I however, did turn to look at him.  I was exactly in front of the truck when the fellow yelled at me.  “What are you lookin’ at you B*^$#?” 

That’s when the lady turned and looked at me, she looked at me as if to say, “I’m sorry” , I looked at her and made the universal sign of “This guy is crazy!” I said out loud, “Don’t worry, he’s just having a bad day.”  We smiled at each other and went about our  ways.

Let it go

That could have, and should have, been the end of it but for the next 20 minutes  I was still re-living that yelling moment!  Can you believe it, I spent so much time thinking of clever comments or venom filled retorts which I could have spewed at that ugly, tormented, miserable man.

I was looking at what I could have said that would make him even more miserable than he already showed me he was.  Here are some:

He said:  “What are you looking at you B&%$#h?”

Me:  “OMG, I think I just fell in love!”

Me:  “I’m looking at a Pig!”

Me: ” I’m soooo glad I don’t know you!”

Me:   “I’m soo glad I’m not who you are going home to! Have a lovely night.”

Me:  “I’m looking at a P&#2k!”

Me: “It’s hard to tell, there’s no label on it. But it sure is ugly!”


Folks, I’m sorry to say, I spent a good 20 minutes thinking of things that would pierce this man’s, manhood, self-esteem, and really make him feel like the jerk he was!

Then I realized, wait a minute!  Who’s controlling whom?  Why should I let this fellows ignorance, stupidity and all round bad behaviour have any effect on me?

So I stopped and started enjoying my Friday evening.

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