How Sarah Palin Helped Me Lose 20lbs

by DavalosMcCormack on February 14, 2011

There are many ways to try and lose weight. Most of them fail. But now, thanks to Sarah Palin, there’s a new weight loss method and so far it’s showing tremendous success.

Now, I’m not talking about using Sarah Palin as a role model or having people follow her eating habits, though based on a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal she does eat well, saying: “My family and I eat a healthy diet heavy in wild Alaskan seafood, moose, caribou and fresh fruit”

Fishy politician

Political motivation

No, I’m talking about using Sarah as a motivational tool. That’s what two women I know, let’s call them “Fran” and “Katy”, did.

Now, Fran and Katy had been trying to lose weight for a big event coming up. They wanted to look cute and feel better so they went the usual diet and exercise route, and like most people who tried that it worked for a while but then they couldn’t maintain it and ended up putting the weight back on.

Then, either in a moment of desperation or inspiration, they came up with the “Sarah Palin Diet”. They vowed to lose 20lbs each or they would donate $1,000 to Palin’s Political Action Committee. And then they started out, afresh, on their diet.

Now, Fran and Katy both really really dislike Palin. In fact, they think she’s bonkers. So the idea of giving her one thousand dollars of their own hard-earned money really helped motivate them to stick with their diet this time.

Find your own foil

The beauty of a scheme like this is it can work for everyone. If you are a fan of Palin you can chose some other political figure. If you don’t care about politics you can chose a celebrity. In fact, regardless of political, religious or any other persuasion, there is always someone you really dislike and you can use them as the intended recipient of your cash. If you hate your Uncle Bob – and who doesn’t – you could use him as your motivation and just imagine walking up and putting $1,000 into his fat, greasy palm, seeing his gap-toothed smile leering back at you, as he uses his other hand to push his sweaty comb-over hairdo back in place. If that doesn’t work for you then nothing will.

As for Fran and Katy. Palin came through for them. They lost the weight before the big date and didn’t have to send anything to her.

Seems having someone they couldn’t stomach helped motivate them to keep stuff out of their stomach.

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