Imagine Your Power

by DavalosMcCormack on December 14, 2010

The Holiday parties are here!  Family dinners and socializing, toasting friends and family, creating and eating festive treats.  After all, it’s the holidays, right? What’s a couple of pounds? Right?  Who can say no to grandma’s pies or her Christmas cake.  Look at that buffet!  Food is all around us and special delightful nibbly things are just queuing up to join your waistline!

Temptation awaits at every table

But, who’s the boss?  Really.  Here’s a little help to get you through the holidays and still be able to get into those skinny pants. Or at least the ones without the expandable waistband.

  • Eat slower – it has been proven that if you take the time to actually savour and taste the food you won’t eat as much because your taste, smell, and emotional intake will be satisfied.  You will be the boss.  You will decide to eat elegantly and enjoy the food.
  • Take smaller portions – “But my plate has already been prepared”, you say?  Well, guess what?  You don’t have to “clean” your plate, the kids in Africa or China (or wherever your mom told you they were starving) will not suffer if you leave food on your plate.  You can decide to just eat a smaller portion and leave the rest.  You’re the boss.
  • Trick yourself – Right, say you’re at your desk and it’s 3:00pm, your usual time to go downstairs to the coffee shop and get a cookie and wash that baby down with a deliciously sweet Mocha Grande.  You say, “but I always have it with low fat!”.   Well, instead of walking down to the cafe, walk on by and take a brisk walk out the door and down the street.  Go window shopping or just enjoy the fresh air.  When you come back upstairs you can be proud of yourself for getting some exercise, because you’re the boss.
  • Choose your temptation-  Say you are at an elegant party and the hors d’oeuvers  look  fantastic.  Do you need to taste all of them? No, you don’t. Can you taste some of them?  Well, it’s up to you, how about choosing to taste 3 and pass up the rest.  You can choose because you are the boss.

Imagine – When you have made these few choices at each party, at each dinner, at each festive occasion.  You can imagine how you will be more confident because you are in charge.  You can imagine yourself in January without an extra pound or maybe you are thinner, healthier, and happier.

Imagine the power you have just by making a few choices!

I love the story about Kirk Douglas, he was giving up smoking for once and for all, but he kept one cigarette in his pocket just in case he wanted one.  When he was tempted he would take the cigarette out, look at it and say, “Who has the power, you or me?”  Right!  He was the boss and so are you!

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