Psoriasis Is Not A Death Sentence!

by DavalosMcCormack on November 9, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

My friend called yesterday.  She was completely distraught because she had been diagnosed with psoriasis, it’s a skin disease that takes on many forms from rough itchy elbows to patches of skin that flake on the scalp or worse, the entire body can be affected, include nails.  Let’s just say it’s not “pretty” and there is no known cure right now.  However, it is treatable and it has been known to go into remission for many years and for some people it never returns.

Those are the facts, and she could take all the information in, but that wasn’t what she was upset about, she was upset because the Dr. said, one line that made her feel vulnerable and powerless.  He said:  “Well, you  know you are getting older and your body is just breaking down.”

Really!?  My friend is 29!  29!  As a hypnotherapist, I deal with the “power” of words on the subconscious mind.  Had the Dr. been educated in “healing use of words” instead of just blurting out “Well you are getting older”  whether to a 29 year old or a person of great age without a single thought about the effect he unleashed on the patient’s mind, he may have begun the healing right then and there by using healing words. But no.  He didn’t and she didn’t feel any better either.  In fact, she felt like she had a life sentence of ugly itch psoriasis which she can’t do anything about because she is getting “old”.

So I wrote her a note, and this is what it said:

Dear Ann,

What!?! What was the  age of the  (so called) Dr. you saw? –  Let me tell you Ann, you have been going through a very stressful time in your life.  First of all, you moved to  D.C., looked for a job…found a place to live…found “new” friends and contacts…enrolled into a graduate program…not to mention going back to school and working.  This is stressful my dear!
When I was still in college…(so I was younger than 29) My dad lost his station, we were in a recession, I needed to help my parents monetarily!  It was a hard times,  I was working and going to school and I had very little social life…(wasn’t dating)  My neck began to peel one day, my scalp and my shoulders looked like a dry river bed.  I was diagnosed with eczema!  I thought by the time I was 25 I would look like the crypt keeper!

Second Opinions Are In Order!

You may be stressed…but  “getting older and these things are to be expected” What a bunch of baloney.   First of all, get another Dr.  this one has the bedside manner of a bed bug. 
Then, I would begin to do breathing exercises…how you ask? Take a yoga class…or rent a DVD…breathe…take some time to quiet your mind…make schedules for your day that include walks, quiet reflection, reading funny stuff.

I think just being 29 is a vulnerable time.  When I was 29, I was at a restaurant for my 29th birthday…and the waiter came over and asked if we wanted him to open the “white” wine…I said, yes open it but we’ll just let it breathe…He said, “Madame, WHITE wine doesn’t breathe”
I burst into tears and that waiter ruined the evening for me…(I hate when the waiters think they are classier than you” – remember Absolutely Fabulous, when Edie says…to a smart mouth sales clerk in a posh shop – “Hey…your just a shop girl…I’m the customer!”
So Ann, my dear…we are all getting older…and you can latch on to that…or you can say…I’m getting better and I don’t care if some fella or gal who went to medical school falls back on “your getting older”  even at my age…I would say…
okay Doc… That’s the easy answer…” the first in your class would have a intelligent diagnosis and analysis about what causes this condition…YOU my dear, apparently were not the first and you certainly have no class you nitwit!”

…and as the sun sets here in California…we understand the lessons to be learned from  this nasty little episode Ann,  DO NOT BE DEFINED BY OTHERS…SOME DOCTORS ARE STUPID AND LAZY….And always remember, you are the consumer…I suggest you “Yelp” this guy…so others will know what kind of Dr. he is!
Sometimes you run into people who are not equipped to do the job they were educated in…Like my grandpa’s silly/stupid Doctor….but that is another story!
….and that’s what I have to say about that.  the end.
Your friend,


P.S.  Find a doc you like who works in this field helping people…the body and mind.

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