Mis-guided Imagery!

by DavalosMcCormack on November 30, 2010

I use Hypnosis and Guided Imagery to help people change their lives for the better!  In order to do that, I  teach them how to use their imagination to create the life they want.  Sometimes they think that just imagining is silly, and wonder how it can possibly change anything.  However, I tell them.  “You use your imagination all the time.  You worry!  Yes, worry is a big user of your imagination.  Just think!  How often do you worry about something that might happen, happened, or didn’t happen.

What are you worrying about?

Okay now be absolutely honest and tell me what you worry about.  If you are like 38% of Americans, you worry every single day!  Some people even call themselves worry warts, others say they worry about things that might happen.  In other words they suffer from the “What if”syndrome, busy imagining all the things that could happen and might happen. And in doing so they  raise their anxiety level.

Folks get very involved in creating anxiety for themselves through their worries.  Sometimes worry is good, it keeps us out of trouble, helps us plan the best way to do something safely, it help us have control over our lives.  But worry that causes anxiety is not good worry.

Don’t buy into Mis-Guided Imagery!

It’s the anxiety-creating worry you have to watch out for. If you worry so much it limits your activities, and gets in the way of enjoying your life, you my friend, have been dabbling in using your imagination to create worry which can manifest all kinds of physical and mental problems like anxiety disorders and depression.

Researchers have found that worry actually precedes the onset of depression.   Fifty percent of the people in the United States have had serious problems with depression, anxiety, or substance abuse at some time in their lives. And these problems are on the increase.

So it’s time to take your worry temperature.

Do you worry about the past? What should have happened, what didn’t happen, or what was supposed to happen?

Do you worry about time?  For instance, sometimes people worry about where they are in their lives – “I’m not married yet?”  “I’m getting too old”, “I should be higher in the company”  “I’m always late”.

Do you worry about obstacles?  “I would like to take the class but how would I get there? Where would I park?”  “How would I have time to study?”  “It would take years to get a degree!”

Do you play the “What if” game?  “What if my boss fires me.”  “What if I don’t get the loan?” “What if he doesn’t love me?”

If you feel tense, overwhelmed or anxious most of the time take a moment to assess your worry pattern.  You have the right to decide what to worry about. You have the right to decide whether you want to worry about the past, or worry about what if. The problem is what happens if you spend so much time worrying, you don’t have enough time left for living. When you get to that point, it may be time to worry about how much you worry.

Life may not be a bowl of cherries all the time…but it certainly should not be the pits either!

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