Work Out Wednesday!

by DavalosMcCormack on September 14, 2010

I just don’t have time to go to the gym! By the time my work day is over, my workout is just too taxing! Look, I’d like to work out but….

Does this sound familiar?  Does it make you feel guilty?  Does it make you feel bad, not good, like a loser?  Just think about how long you have been saying these same words. “I’ve got to get into shape, soon!”  If you are like a lot of people, you started in your 20’s and how old are you now?

Do Not Worry! Healthy and Simple is here for you!

Because today our Work Out Wednesday is 3 minutes long!  Yes,  you can get into great shape by working out for 3 minutes!  The first  workout uses the whole body by doing a tricep repetition and include a kick-back leg movement.  You can do it with  weights that will challenge your muscles.  No weights? Use jugs of water, cans or even bottles of beer, just make sure that whatever you use is challenging, but they challenge not too challenging.  You want to stimulate the tricep not destroy it!  The arm movement is to the back with  the weight in hand, bend your elbow up to your shoulder and then reach back behind you. As you are doing that you are also stepping from side to side, stepping to the left when you are working your left arm and to the right when you work your right. Do this for one minute.

The second exercise is using a Pilates movement.  Stand with your legs a bit more than shoulder distance apart, with feet facing away from each other in a form of V shape. Then,  tucking your tailbone under, and with a straight back do a squat and as you come up kick one leg to the side – almost as if you are a ballet dancer (don’t worry, you’re doing this at home so no one can see). Then back into a squat and as you come up kick the other leg to the side. Repeat for one minute.

The last movement is my favorite, from kickboxing!  It’s the movement which begins by holding your fist in front of your face and pulling your arm back with your fist to the shoulder and punching as if you are punching someone with a hooking blow to the side of the head.  Then alternate to the other arm.  Punch that guy in the side of the head for saying those things to you! Alternate, then hit her in the side of the head for just looking at you like that…alternate, then punch him for telling you “No!”  alternate, then hit her in the side of the head for spreading those evil little rumors about the way you…..Wait!…Uh….Hahmmmmmm…(ah sorry about that…but it sort of felt kinda good…didn’t it? )

Just do each of these exercises for 1 minute each and you will have a great 3 minute workout.  Here’s the clip: quick workout

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