The Doctor Will Hike With You Now

by DavalosMcCormack on September 28, 2010

Say you need to see a doctor, maybe just for a check-up or for an stiff neck.  What happens? You make an appointment and on the day of the appointment you go to the doctor’s office and you’re asked to take a seat in the waiting room which is  always crowded.  Some of those folks look really sick, so you are careful to sit somewhere away from the coughers and sneezers.  Then you wait.  Sometimes you wait for quite a while.  When you are finally called into the examination room you are asked to change.  The nurse takes your vitals and then you wait.  Sometimes you wait for quite a while.  Then the doctor comes in and checks the chart, asks some questions, listens to your lungs and fills out some lab forms, suggests some ideas for relief, then, you’re done.

There is an alternative

Now imagine this,  you drive to Cavallo Point Lodge’s Healing Arts Center in Sausalito – across the Bay from San Francisco – where you have made an appointment with Dr. Bradly Jacobs an integrative health doctor.  You are escorted into  the beautiful spa lounge where there are flowers, comfortable chairs, fireplaces, and beautiful music.  You fill out some forms and Dr. Brad comes over to you to escort you to his office, which is just across from the outdoor fire-pit where people in robes are having tea.  As you walk up the path you notice steam coming off the large outdoor pool where more people are chatting and enjoying the water.  You enter the Dr.’s office, he looks at your paper work and asks a few questions about your concerns and then asks you if you would like to take a walk.  Cavallo Point Lodge is located the southern most tip of Sausalito and has commanding views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.  There are easy paths and trails that surround the compound.  You and the doctor take a short hike through the hills as he asks you about your lifestyle, your exercise regime, your good and bad habits.

Health and healing

About 40 minutes into the 90 minute appointment, Dr. Brad might might ask you to go and take a hot tub then return to the appointment to see if your neck feels better or he might suggest a massage from one of the clinical masseuses.  He may refer you to an acupuncturist, or another alternative form of health care.  Of course, Dr. Brad also does the regular things like check your lungs and perhaps fill out forms for more lab tests and suggest conventional treatments and prescribe medications.  But overall, don’t you feel better already?

Fresh approach

This method of health care seems to be such a fresh approach, because it targets preventative care, keeping people healthier, before they have acute health problems.  The idea is that you don’t have to undergo an ordeal before you get to see the doctor, that he or she is not a distant person at the end of a long line. Instead the doctor is someone who is going to be a partner with you to get you in shape, help you be healthier, and coach you in overcoming habits that threaten your health.

Wouldn’t it be great if going to the Dr.’s offices was about staying well, and staying healthy?  That would be Mind Body Medicine, taking care of your whole body.  Stay healthy.

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Catherine A. Morazzi, MD October 12, 2010 at 11:53 am

Love the idea. I am a retired internist from the Boston area and have recently contracted a devastatingly bad case of Lyme Disease.
In addition to the meds that I’m taking for it, a visit to a place such as Cavallo Point Lodge would be very healing.
Do you know of any such places in New England that are as good?
And, how does one get an appointment at Cavallo Point Lodge?
I’ve retired early because of what you described in the opening paragraph.
Sincerely in need,
Catherine Morazzi


Davalos/McCormack October 18, 2010 at 8:24 pm

Dear Catherine,
Thank you for your comment. All you have to do is give a call to Cavallo. Take a vacation! Here’s how to get an appointment. I think you will like the beautiful setting and the wellness experience.


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