If Only I'd Known I Was An Idiot

by DavalosMcCormack on September 8, 2010

Sometimes it appears as if the universe has a plan to thin out the herd and remove some of the less valuable DNA from the human gene pool. You know the kind, people who think it’s fun to pick up rattlesnakes and then get surprised when they are bitten and die! Well, congratulations Craig Smallwood you may be part of that proud group.

Craig makes the list because he is suing a South Korean video game manufacturer, NCSoft, makers of Lineage II. Craig says he played 20,000 hours of Lineage II between 2004-2009 but would not have bought it had he known it was “addictive”. Craig says he became psychologically dependent on the game, had to be hospitalized because of his “addiction” and is now in therapy to help treat it.

All day and all of the night

Now, 20,000 hours is a lot of time. It’s 833 and one third days. So,Craig spent almost half of the five years between 2004-2009 playing Lineage II. That’s a fullĀ  time job. So, wouldn’t you think that at some point along the way, say after the first 1,000 or 5,000 hours, Craig could have put down the game and stopped to think about all the time he was spending playing the game. Oh no, not our Craig, he just kept on playing. And now he wants the maker of the game to pay for it.

Stupid pet tricks are smart compared to these folks

Craig is up there with the Turkish truck driver who came out one morning to find his fuel tank frozen and tried to thaw it out by lighting a match underneath it. Needless to say as the firefighters were trying to put out the flaming truck the truck driver was beginning to see the error of his way.

And just to show that the thin end of the gene pool is not limited to men, consider the case of the woman from Columbia, Tennessee who got mad at her husband because he fell asleep in bed with a cigarette in his hand and it burned a hole in their mattress. She thought she’d teach him a lesson. So the next night, she left a lit cigarette on the mattress to show him what would have happened if she hadn’t come along in time. I am wondering if she said “See, I told you so” as they stood in the ruins of their home after it burned down.

It’s an amazing thing about life. Out of all those millions of sperm swimming towards his those eggs and those three were the fastest.

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