Use Your Brain – I Mean All Of It!

by DavalosMcCormack on August 10, 2010

There’s a scene early on in the movie “Defending Your Life” where Albert Brooks realizes he is dead and is being assessed as to whether he will move on to another realm, or go back to earth to try again. Rip Torn tells him that it all depends on how much of his brain he actually used, saying that most people only use a tiny portion of their brain. Brooks is stunned to learn that he only uses 3 percent of his brain. Three percent, says Brooks! “Yes” says Rip Torn “Everyone on earth uses 3 percent of their brain, 3-5 percent. That’s why they are there. When you use more than 5 percent of your brain you don’t want to be on earth!”

it is.

That’s how I feel sometimes, that there are large parts of my brain that I’m not using. That half the time I’m kind of day dreaming my way through life. That large sections of time are taken up with my brain trying to remember obscure lyrics to bad 80’s pop songs, or the name of the actor who appeared in that movie that was set in Paris and directed by whojamacallit! You know the one!

Whole hours can disappear without a substantial thought appearing or taking hold. I appear to be thinking. But appearances can be deceptive.

What’s on your mind

And I’m guessing I’m not alone. Looking around me on any given day there seem to be an awful lot of people staring blankly around them. Now, I’m sure some are brilliant astro-physicists who only appear to be day dreaming, but instead they are thinking deeply on the origins of the universe. But I’m guessing most of the folks who look as if they are blank are, actually, blank.

What a waste eh! Think about it for a minute, or more. If we were able to really concentrate for extended periods of time, to focus on a task at hand, a challenge, to work out a problem, to bring an idea from a notion to reality – just imagine what we could achieve. No more hours spent in front of the TV watching shows that we barely remember the next day. No more days where if someone were to ask you “what did you do today” you couldn’t really answer.

We might be able to do wonderful things, create beautiful works of art, write wonderful literature, or at least witty and interesting stories. Or maybe our talents lie in other directions. If we could concentrate for a while we might discover what those are.

It’s all in the mind

Perhaps the reason so many people respond to the question “What’s new” with “oh, you know, same old same old” is because there really is nothing new. We’re all too busy not thinking to do something new, try something new, or even realize that we’re doing the same thing over and over again.

Charles Schulz

Charles Schulz

As Charles Schulz, creator of Snoopy, once said “Sometimes I lie awake and night and I ask ‘Where did I go wrong’. Then a voice says to me, ‘This is going to take more than one night.’

So maybe the solution is to stop. And think. Just think. That’s all.

Think about it.

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