Six Simple Steps To Solving Your Problem

by DavalosMcCormack on August 6, 2010

Every once in a while we  become overwhelmed by our circumstances.  That overwhelming feeling of despair may be caused by events that you can’t seem  to control.  Maybe your life is not working out the way you planned or  you think  you should be more successful or richer, or happier.  You may be facing some challenges that seem out of your control. We all have moments, days, even weeks where we feel down about where we are  and where we want to be.  So to help get through those nasty moments, here are six steps you can do to take control back and create a better future for yourself.

What’s  Your Problem?

Get out a pencil and paper and take a little time to work on yourself! Write out these questions  and list everything that comes to mind as you answer them.  No judgement.  No distractions.  Find at least 3o minutes to just work on your life.  Put down the first thing that pops into your mind, even if it doesn’t make any sense to you now.

1.  What problems or challenges are you facing right now?

Write it all down.

2. What is the Solution?

Find the key and use it!

Accept your first thoughts on how to solve each one. Can you visualize solving the problem? What would you be doing if this challenge were already solved?          
Imagine yourself living as if you have already solved the problem.  It’s gone.  It has been solved.  It is in your past. (Do this for each problem)

3.  Now, Make a Plan.

Work backwards.  The problem has been solved, you feel good about how you did it.  What did you do?  Take your time.  What happened?  Fantasize, dream about      it.  Think about how you solved it creatively.  Note every detail.  Write it down step by step.  Make it real by adding practical ideas.  Refine the steps.  Be flexible.

4. Believe in the plan. – Visualize yourself carrying out each step.  Imagine yourself taking control.  How do you feel as each step is completed?  What are you seeing? Watch yourself complete the steps.

5. Anticipate the plan.

You can take a step every single day.  You are on your way! Practice the plan.

6. Hone the plan, work it, make it yours.
Add new ideas and throw out things that don’t work.  Don’t give up. Don’t let it go.  Do it for yourself. How serious do you take the plan? Make it live. Make it a priority. See it, feel it, be it and it will become a reality.  Notice how good it feels to be in control of this plan.

Attitude Is Everything!

Attitude is Everything!

Do this for one full week.  You will see a difference in your attitude and your perspective!  You can solve life’s challenges by taking the time to take action rather than worrying and feeling incapable of changing your circumstances.  I guess that’s why Nike says:  “Just do it!”

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