Workout Wednesday – World Cup Flexibility!

by DavalosMcCormack on July 7, 2010

We have a new yoga class on Tuesdays, it’s Ashtanga Yoga, which means “eight limbs” in Sanskrit, it’s a fast paced yoga challenging the student to move quickly and fluidly from pose to pose.  When you leave the class you are very aware that you have just experienced a fast paced, intense, physically demanding yoga practice.  They call it practice because it is composed of series of poses which will take you years to master.  I call it practice because I have to really concentrate and practice just holding the pose for a few breaths!

Our teacher, Matt, encourages us with historical insights to the poses and uses beautiful terminology like, “find the opening in your chest and breath into it to stretch just a few centimeters more”,  to guide us into the correct form.

So I decided to look up the correct poses, because I do a version that is not “flowing”.  My poses are jagged and off balance but then,  I’m still practicing!

Friends, check out how these poses are really supposed to look:

We Are Talking Flexibility!

Discouraging?  No, I’m not discouraged, but I think it helps to be in India!  Besides learning about flexibility in yoga, I found out you can learn a lot about flexibility just watching The World Cup, because I’ve learned to be flexible about who you root for.  First it was the USA, then England, then Mexico, then Brazil, then Uruguay, and Now Espana!  Now THAT’S Flexible!

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vic July 8, 2010 at 1:57 am

Isn’t ashtanga yoga wonderful. On the whole I prefer to work on a church hall floor rather than a ruined mountain top temple but I can do all these poses and was in fact present when the video was filmed though somehow ended up just out of shot. Maybe its because I was even more wobbly than the man in the yellow T shirt.


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