Stop Worrying About How Good You Are!

by DavalosMcCormack on July 30, 2010

Last night we met some very interesting people.  People who were open and friendly and chatty!  People who do interesting things, people who love the things they do.  There was food, conversation, wine, beer and a presentation from the artist Richard Lang, who shared with us his circuitous route in his career as an artist, he and his wife Judith have spent years collaborating and creating amazing Art, as a printmakers, as an environmentalists, as an advocates for the ocean, working in  poetry,  paint, publishing and ultimately creating a wonderful life.

The evening was the brainchild of Anthony  Sandberg and friends, he’s the founder of OCSC (which is a Sailing School and Club).  Anthony is a man who obviously loves what he does, and he does alot, plus,  he is addicted to “TEDTalks” The popular – Technology Education and Design conversations that invite amazing people to discuss great ideas.

Well it occurred to Anthony that he knew some amazing people who did amazing things too, so he thought,  why not?Creative Thought Is For Everyone!

Start Your Own Salon!

So he did!  And we are so glad he did because we attended our first Salon, last night to hear and become inspired by Richard Lang.  Since my daughter is an artist I have always been intrigued about how artists make their way in this culture.  We are wired to go to school, learn a profession and make a living.  Artists don’t have that kind of career ladder.  Art is…well it’s Art and it is sometimes interpreted as not really essential, and even a luxury.  As Anthony says, ” In our culture, art is too often marginalized as the “fun” part of life, only pursed when the “hard work” is done”.   But in order to have a fulfilling life, creative insight and thinking is an essential element.   Everyone can be creative in their work, no matter what they do.

There Are No Small Parts Only Small Actors!

You have probably heard “There are no small parts, only small actors”!   To me, that always meant,  Everything you do should be done with your whole heart in mind!  No matter what job you have, do it with the thought of doing your best work.  It makes such a difference, and changes your attitude.  I learned that lesson when I got my first job at Frontier Village Amusement Park in San Jose.  I was a cashier, no big deal, but we dressed in cowboy hats and jean skirts with little scarves around our necks.  I remember thinking, “I love this!  They pay me to be here!”  It was at that moment that I realized, I had to do work  I love and I had to do my  best.

I’ll bet you have met people who simply do a job.  You know, show up, put in the hours and go home.  Waiting or life to get better.  They wait.

So Richard Lang showed showed us some of his work, told us how he went from sculptor to  painter, printmaker, and writer, and shares some life lessons through poetry.  He showed us pictures of him at Burning Man as the Poetry Jukebox and how he & Judith collect trash from Kehoe Beach in Point Reyes. Instead of throwing it away, he and Judith wash and separate by color and kind and then make Art!  Their work, From Kehoe to Cavallo: THE MYSTERY IN THE MESS will be on exhibit at Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito.

Making Lemon Ade from disgarded plastic lemons

So How Do You Become A Successful Artist?

One lesson Richard advocated was to stop judging and worrying about if you are good.  For instance,  he said “If you keep wondering if your writing is good.  Always worrying. Stop writing.”

He made it easy to see how his career evolved overtime, how his wife and he collaborate to do their best works and come up with great ideas.  Richard, left us with one thought,

Do Something You Love And Do It Every Day!

It was an evening of inspiration, friendship, and music.  Just like Anthony said!

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