Guilt! Get Over It!

by DavalosMcCormack on July 13, 2010

Tonight I was supposed to meet Kevin at the gym at 5:30.  We like to hit the gym at least 4 times a week, Monday nights are usually cardio, and other days we play squash or go to a yoga class.  However, today I was editing the show I produce and then I accompanied my daughter in her quest to find a new apartment.  When I looked at the clock I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the gym by 5:30!

Exercising is Good!

Stretching is good for You!

Sometimes the gym takes a back seat!

My daughter was filling out an application for the apartment she liked and it was 5:15 and I was completely on the other side of town.  If I left immediately I would still be 1/2 an hour late.  So I decided to be late for the gym and just be with my daughter.  Suddenly I felt guilty.  Guilty for being late, guilty for not exercising.  Just plain guilty.

How Guilt Effects the Body

I started to feel bad.  My neck ached and my head began to hurt.  Guilt is a pretty powerful mind bender!  So, I looked it up, did you know that “guilt” is a perception of your belief system.  The way you live your life in general can be generally divided into two camps.  Good and Bad.  What do you perceive as being good?  Well, usually good things that you do will gain you approval and bad things you do will get you disapproval.  But whose making the judgment?

Beliefs become Behaviors!

If your belief system says that not going to the gym is bad you will feel guilty and that guilt can cause anxiety, depression, and a feeling of remorse, or failure.  Geez!  What the heck?  In other words we label things as being good or bad.  The problem is who is deciding what these labels are is it our own belief system or is it a peer pressure, a society  or cultural belief?  Who is the “Boss” of you?

I'm sorry!

Inappropriate Guilt!

When you take on the belief system of others it creates an internal conflict that can manifest itself as “inappropriate guilt.   That is a guilt that is brought on by you believing that something is “bad” just because others think it’s bad.  So it’s very important to find out what you, yourself truly believe. Because a life filled with guilt is no way to live.  Right?

I want to be joyful, and happy, and feel good about myself.  So when Kevin called to ask where I was, I told him, “No One is Home!”.

Do you think that’s bad?

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