Attitude is Elusive! A Positive Attitude Can Change Everything!

by DavalosMcCormack on July 27, 2010

I have a friend, whom I have never met.  He is a young man in (where are you from Henrik?)  Oh, yes, Henrik lives in Sweden.

He is 30 years old going on “Wise” man  and he has spent (how many Henrik?)A Positive Guy! oh, yes, 5 years training himself in the power of Positive Thinking. Here  is what he has accomplished – in his own words:

  • Switched from a generally pretty negative attitude to a much more positive one.
  • Lost 26 pounds during 4 months in the winter/spring of 2009. I did it by using a program called Turbulence Training, check out the review here.
  • Become a lot more present. I used to live a lot of my life in my head, in the past and in the future. Today I spend a lot more time living it in the present moment. It’s a wonderful thing.
  • I have become a less shy and more confident person.
  • I get things done. I used to be a real procrastinating slacker that never got much done. My effectiveness and productivity have shot up quite a bit since then (although I certainly still have room for improvement).
  • I have created a highly successful blog. This blog has – in July of 2010 – 32000+ subscribers via email and RSS and hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. How did I do it? How to Build a Somewhat Successful Blog: 16 Lessons I Have Learned has a lot of answers.

Henrik is a man with a mission.  I have never actually met him, but his blog is filled with interesting lessons and lovely positive thoughts.  His picture is perfect for what he advocates.

So it was terrific tonight when I got home and got a message from Henrik.  My day had not been stellar!  It was one of those days when my computer wouldn’t do anything I asked of it, and although I was all set up for my favorite client, she came in and asked for other things which I could not bring up on my computer immediately, which made me feel the fool and a tad inept when she found a spelling error in the very first title page.

Geez, I felt completely disheartened after trying a number of times to burn a DVD of my work for my client, only to send her home with a DVD with “Nothing” on it.  Duh!

Knowing this, I spent another 2 hours trying to burn a “corrected” version of the DVD.  To No Avail!  Sorry, the computer said, No Can Do because the original can’t be found.  What?!!! It’s a Movie!  You Can Burn a Movie, said I…but no.

Then, I opened my g-mail and Henrik sent me this:

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”
Jim Goodwin
“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”
Lily Tomlin
Stress sucks. It sucks joy and the life out of you.

1. Accept the situation.
2. Take everything less seriously.
3. Decrease or put a stop to negative relationships.
4. Just move slower.
5. Exercise.  (No Duh!)
6. Find five things you can be grateful for right now.(This is amazing because it works like a charm)
7. Look for solutions.
8. Be early.
9. Do just one thing at a time.
10. Talk to people around you about it.
You can see the detailed list on Henrik’s Blog, “Positivity Blog”.
Thank you Henrik!   My day changed tremendously! 

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