World Cup Workout Wednesday!

by DavalosMcCormack on June 16, 2010

Hello Everyone!  Go000000000aaaaaaaal!!!!!!  It’s World Cup! Fabulous Football and if you are like me you have been amazed, dazed and humbled by the physical jousting that is accomplished in each game.  So I was wondering how these boys get to be sooooo good at what they do.  I found a site that shows you some soccer exercises that you can start today!  Maybe one day you too can control a ball, just the way the World Cup Players do!  Starting right now, all you need is a soccer ball.  Go!

You Can Be Just a Good as Rooney!

Practice, Practice, Practice.  Okay, not really interested in being a professional?  Well, then folks…just appreciate the time and effort these guys put into becoming the football players we see at each game! Like I said, you’ll be Humbled and Amazed and now you know why they are soooooo  Fabulous.  Goooooaaaaaaaaal!

Oh, and one more thing….it helps to have talent.

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