Red-Faced Green Has Lessons For Us From The World Cup!

by DavalosMcCormack on June 15, 2010

If you were watching the World Cup Game on Saturday between the U.S. and England in Phokeng, South Africa, you were probably stunned by the fumble, mistake, blunder of the goalkeeper, Robert Green, which cost England a World Cup win against the United States.

How do you think Rob Green felt?  His emotions were obvious as he planted his face in the dirt trying to take in the reality of the moment.  It must have been such an overwhelming feeling of distress and despair knowing the whole world was watching.  Yet, Green managed to stand up  and control himself enough and make a great save in the second half to keep the game at 1-1.

Phokeng Hell

His comments to the media after the game were:  “It’s obviously a horrible mistake, a terrible mistake, I’ll have to recover from it.”   Later his team mates defended him in the press. One of the other English goalkeepers, David James commented that “Mistakes happen , a mistake like that should stay with you for just two minutes”.  I think that’s a good idea except that it seemed we relived the blunder every 2 minutes.  How does one overcome the sick feeling that continues each time they replay the goal?

Stand By Your Man

Then there are other team mates like Frank Lampard who said, “No one will be pointing the finger at him”.  Nice mates right?  I thought so.  I was really inspired when Green put the experience in perspective, when he told a reporter that the set back would not affect him psychologically,   He told reporters, “I’m 30, I’m a man and you have hardships in life and prepare for them. I’m strong enough to move on.  At a younger point in my life it would have affected me more.”

Isn’t that a healthy way to view an extraordinary mistake?  I think it may be a lesson for us all, to take a little time to “get over it” in order to continue on with your life.  After all none of us are defined by just one unfortunate incident.  We can be better than that, can’t we.  I mean when something bad happens, can we do as the song says,

“Will you remember the famous men,

Who had to fall to rise again,

So take a deep breath,

Pick yourself up, Dust yourself off,

Start all over again.”

The View From the Cheap Seats

So I thought Green took the higher ground and everything would be fine, and all of us could be better for the example he set.  Then I got an e-mail from our friend in England, Vic, who said, “poor Rob Green. World wide humiliation. Though as many pundits have pointed out he may be able to use it very successfully in a future career of inspirational talks on fighting back when you have lost confidence and all your team mates are pissed off with you but have to say encouraging things.’

Geez…(bubble popped)

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