It's All a Matter of Justifying It!

by DavalosMcCormack on June 9, 2010

Some people might call it lazy, others might say it’s an inspired way of opening people up to the creative possibilities of the commercial arts and the joy of the World Cup. Of course some people call my resume a self-serving fabrication. Actually I think that was me, and I’m right, it is. Nonetheless instead of writing a lengthy diatribe on poor health habits or an homage to a new way of viewing the world, I wanted to share this with you.

It won’t change your life

It won’t make you lose weight or forgive that miserable friend who betrayed you. It won’t make you go to the gym more often or decide to get actively involved in local politics. But it will make you smile and appreciate that for just a few weeks the vast majority of the people on this planet are joined in one single activity; watching the best players in the world play the most beautiful game in the world.

Don’t think so. Then just watch this


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