A Day's Worth of Calories in One Drink!

by DavalosMcCormack on May 27, 2010

I remember when you used to just get water from a tap. Actually, I remember going to my uncle’s farm outside Dublin in Ireland when he still got his water from a well. Now it seems most people in the U.S. get their drinking water from a bottle, usually over priced, often packed with stuff that has nothing to do with thirst quenching and everything to do with marketing.

Even so, when I saw this article in Men’s Health magazine about how many calories some of these so-called health drinks, including water, are packed with, I did a double take. Scary stuff.

Check this out!  On the nutritional label for Vitamin Water the calories are listed as 50 calories per serving.   One bottle of Vitamin Water is 2.5 servings, therefore, so if you drink the entire bottle, (and who doesn’t) you will be drinking in 125 calories and 33 grams of sugar!  Yes! Right …don’t you think they should have the amount that is in the entire bottle?  Most people assume 1 bottle is a serving.

And in the Men’s Health article, one drink was even packed with enough junk that it pretty much filled up your calorie needs for an entire day. One drink. Astonishing.

Now when I’m on my 5th pint of Bodkin’s Old Ale I won’t feel quite so bad.

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