They Call It March Madness But This is Mad!

by DavalosMcCormack on March 16, 2010

I love the word ‘gobsmacked’, it has such a lovely feel to it and it perfectly captures the sense of incredulity you experience when you hear or read something so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe someone actually said or wrote it down.

So I was gobsmacked when I read an item in American Medical News saying that America’s urologists are pushing the idea that “March Madness” – the NCAA annual basketball tournament – is an ideal time for men to undergo a vasectomy.

Yes, you read that right. It’s “March Madness” so why not get a vasectomy!


I’m not quite clear on the logic of this. Maybe they think that so many men are spending hours each day watching basketball and drinking beer and generally being sloths that they probably aren’t going to have sex anyway so they might as well get clipped. The urologists say that many men think about getting a vasectomy, and even want to get one, but somehow never get around to it, so they say the NCAA tournament is the perfect time, because it gives them something to do while they are recuperating from the procedure.

Now this strikes me as the handiwork of some overly creative PR type. Someone trying to come up with a new marketing idea to promote the work of urologists and earn a cut of the business for themselves. And there’s definitely some research to suggest that sports fans, who are mostly men, might be open to that kind of approach. After all, a 2008 survey by the British Social Services Research Institute found that 70 percent of Spanish fans would rather watch soccer than have sex, so maybe there’s reason to think that American men are not that much different.

To sweeten the pot some urologists are even offering prize packages – what they call “survival kits – to patients. These include coupons for free pizza, a sports magazine and, best of all, frozen peas to alleviate pain after surgery.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around half a million American men get a vasectomy every year. Now if they all decided to wait for March to get snipped it’s unlikely the urologists would be able to cope, nor would pizza parlors be able to keep up with demand for free delivery, and no one would be able to find frozen peas at their local grocery store.

You notice that no one is suggesting women get hysterectomies or other surgical procedures during “March Madness”? The reason is simple, there’s a vas deferens between men and women!

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