Life is worthwhile if you just smile!

by DavalosMcCormack on March 31, 2010

When my girls were little, every once in a while they got up on “the wrong side of the bed”.   Which means, they were cranky, impatient, sleepy little girls.  Now me, I rarely get up on the wrong side of the bed.  Usually I wake up and I’m awake!  Not my girls, nooooooo sireee!  In fact, I don’t believe they really woke up till ten o’clock in the morning, but lucky for me I had a magic spell to change their attitudes! cheshirecat

Endorphins!  Endorphins are neurotransmitters that live in the brain and they have  pain-relieving properties.  There are pain killing drugs like morphine and codeine that act like endorphins.

A natural way to increase your endorphin production is through prolonged exercise, that’s why they call it “runners high”.

Another  and easier way to make endorphins is to  smile.  That is it. The secret. Right there. Just smile!

On the way to school I used to tell my daughters, after I was tired of the complaining and bad moods,  “Okay kids, it’s time to endorphin your face!  Smile, begin now and do not stop till we get to school”

Silly but it worked!

It was silly, it felt silly, but I was totally serious because I know that another way to produce natural endorphins in the body is to smile.  Yes!  Smile though your heart is breaking and you will build up your endorphin levels which will make you feel better.

Remember the pain-relieving properties?  Well,  endorphins are also believed to be connected to euphoric feelings (and the release of sex hormones, but that’s not what I was going for).  So by the time we got to school my kids were….well not euphoric, but happier than they were when the got in the car.

images-1Don’t believe it!  Well I lengthened their lives too!

I can just hear some of you saying…guess what, they were smiling just because they were sooo glad to get out of the car!  Okay, I can grant you that, but I can also tell  you  I probably helped them live longer too!

As it turns out, researchers from Wayne State University in Michigan found out that the bigger the grin and the deeper creases around yours eyes the longer you are likely to live!    The study was led by Ernest Abel and published in Psychological Science.

Ernie and his crew studied 230 photographs of US Major League baseball players who began their careers before 1950.  They grouped the players into “partial smile”, “no smile”, and “full smile” that’s when the eyes and mouth, the whole face is smiling.

The pictures were taken from the 1952 baseball register – information included was body mass index, birth, career length, marital status which indicated physical fitness. As of June 1st of 2009 those in the ‘no smile’ category lived for an average of 72.9 years; those with parial smiles- (just the mouth smiling) died at average age 75, but the grinning wild looking full face smiley guys died at rhe ripe old age of 79.9.

Now, there are a number of questions that come to my head in this study, like, did the cameraman instruct them to “say cheese” and some did and some thought “nah” or were some just shy and didn’t want to smile.

Nevertheless, we know you can make endorphins by simply smiling, we know they cause euphoria, and I know my girls are going to live a long life.

Wonder what a wink and a smile can do?

OMG, Sarah Palin is going to be around for a long long time!!!!images-2

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