Another Pint Kevin? There's an APP For That!

by DavalosMcCormack on March 2, 2010

I love technology. For instance, the little widget that they put in a can of Guinness to make it all creamy and foamy is a miracle of modern engineering that has completely transformed some people’s drinking experience!

Now they’ve come up with a cell phone application that helps you keep track of all the cans of Guinness you drink! Whatever next.

The ‘app’ is courtesy of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. Now, I grew up using the NHS and believe me after waiting in line at some of their facilities I can understand why people would turn to drink and need to keep track of their alcohol consumption.

The ‘app’ is called the “Drinks Tracker” and it does just that. You download the app, for free, and it allows you to keep track of  what you are drinking (beer or wine etc) how much you are drinking and what its alcohol content is.

The program can then plot all this information and help you break it down in all manner of ways. Now, you might think there’s nothing particularly revolutionary about this. After all Bridget Jones kept track of her consumption in her Diary. As in:

January: An Exceptionally Bad Start Sunday 1 January
129 lbs. (but post-Christmas), alcohol units 14 (but effectively covers 2 days as 4 hours of party was on New Year’s Day), cigarettes 22, calories 5424.

But Bridget’s tally was just numbers, the Drinks Tracker allows you to keep score and then plot it all on a graph so you can see a pie chart showing how you got pie eyed!!

All joking aside, the intent is serious. It’s to help people get a clearer idea of how much they are drinking, and by showing you your intake against the “daily recommended” amount it will hopefully help people who might be drinking a tad too much to start thinking about ways of cutting back.

The bigger question of course is how many people are going to whip out their iPhone or smart phone and enter each drink into it as they go. Because if you are drinking that much the odds are that you won’t remember to do it later or even if you do, you probably won’t remember exactly what you drank. And while using phones in bars is certainly nothing new it might worry your friend, or your date, if every time you sip a Cosmo you whip out your cell to punch in new data.

Of course, knowing how competitive some people are this could inspire a new drinking game, with people competing against each other to see how quickly they can cross the line from being a regular to excessive drinker.

At the very least when you wake up in the morning feeling like crud, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where things went wrong.

Then again, when you get past sober and still trying to keep track, it might sound like this: “Ahhhh…lemme see a little teeny…where’s the buttonnnn.”?

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