You'll Never Watch the News the Same Way Again!

by DavalosMcCormack on February 19, 2010

I worked in TV news for more than 20 years and met some incredible, wonderfully creative, ethical, honest, funny, super smart people. They tried to do the best they could every day. Many of them are still trying, against what seems like increasing odds, to do serious, worthwhile journalism in the face of pressure to cut corners and pander to more sensational, salacious tastes.

So, when I saw this video I thought of them. This is the model for everything that is bad about journalism. And yet it’s brilliant, funny, spot on, and all done in an English accent to boot!

What does that have to do with living a healthy and simple life. Nothing. But it’s our blog and it’s Friday so we can do whatever we like. I love that. And you are going to love this.

By way of introduction – it’s Charlie Brooker explaining how the average news report is put together by the average news reporter.

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