Why Being a Civil Servant is a Class 3 Protected Substance!

by DavalosMcCormack on February 16, 2010

I’ve had some really boring jobs in my life. I remember one time I was temping at the corporate offices of a supermarket chain. It was pretty menial, mindless clerical work but I sat outside the office of the man responsible for buying tissues and toilet paper for all the stores.

One day a salesman came in and, for more than one hour, the two of the talked about the latest colors of toilet paper – the salesman was very enthusiastic about their new line of pastel shades of paper because they matched the most popular choices of paint and tiles used in bathrooms.images

As I listened to them talking about these things I thought if I had a job like that I’d kill myself. Turns out I wouldn’t need to. A new study shows that the job itself would probably kill me all by itself.

The study, in the International Journal of Epidemiology, was done by researchers in the same city where I was almost bored to death, London. They followed more than 7,500 civil servants, ages 35-55, who completed surveys between 1985 -88. Among other things the survey asked if they had been bored during the previous month at work.

They checked back in 2009 to see how those wacky, zany bureaucrats were doing. Turns out some of them weren’t doing very well at all. They found that the civil servants who said they had been very bored at work were more than twice as likely (2.5 times in fact) to have died from heart disease and stroke, compared to those who said they weren’t bored.

Now, the researchers say the effect of being bored at work was reduced a little when they allowed for other factors such as physical activity. They said they think that bored alone won’t kill you, that it may in fact be a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle meaning that people who are bored at work may also be more likely to eat a poor diet, be less likely to exercise regularly and are more likely to smoke or take drugs.

Then again, maybe they did all those things to compensate for having a boring job! Maybe they felt the need to liven up the day by having a donut with their morning coffee and a hit of acid with their afternoon cuppa tea.

Either way it’s a warning to the rest of us that having a job that is deadly dull might really be deadly. That if you day consists of you sitting a desk, watching the clock and killing time – then time might not be the only thing you are slowly killing.

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