Pay to Play – A Cure for Health Ills?

by DavalosMcCormack on January 18, 2010

On Friday we posted an article about the disconnect between how we eat and how we think we eat. Studies show that two thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, yet 79 percent of Americans think they have a healthy relationship with food. That inspired our friend Juana to post this comment. It’s a very intriguing idea!

Juana wrote;”I have a healthy relationship with food but through my life I had a series of unhealthy crash diets….I think my body hangs on to my weight because it thinks I am going to “starve” it again.

I think one of our biggest issues in this society is exercise.  Few people get enough and I can understand why.

When the kids wake up at 5:30 am and go to bed at 8 pm and then there is lunches, laundry to do after that after working for 8 hours and an hour or two of commuting, baths, breakfast, dinner….there is no energy left for exercise.  Our lifestyle has poisoned us.

Let’s pay everyone to exercise for 30 minutes a day…all employers get a tax credit.  All employers have employees do exercise like they do in Japan.  All kids in school do exercise for 30 minutes.  I bet we can bring our health up if simple walking becomes a part of our life.

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