Not Pretty But Getting the Job Done!

by DavalosMcCormack on January 12, 2010

I have played many sports in my life; everything from football (soccer) to tennis and basketball, rugby, even cricket god help me! People have used many adjectives to describe my performance – enthusiastic, determined, crap – but one word that has never been used is ‘elegant’.

Just like the daring young man on the flying trapeze (OK, that reference dates me) some people are able to move around on the sports field with the greatest of ease. Muhammad Ali could glide around the boxing ring seemingly effortlessly (always impressive considering that 50 percent of the other people in the ring were trying to knock his block off). Argentine soccer deity Diego Maradona could dribble a ball past defenders without seeming to break sweat. But for me, it’s a very different picture.

Everything I do seems to require a lot of effort, and it shows. Watch me running and it looks as if I’m working really hard. Watch me playing squash and it looks as if I’m flailing around the court, constantly two steps behind my opponent – sadly, that’s because I usually am.

Now there is a fellow at the club I go to, let’s call him Todd! Before Shirley and I knew his name we used to refer to him as “Elegant Man” because he moves around so smoothly, seemingly never in a hurry to chase the ball, but always there in time to hit a wonderful shot and then just as elegantly slide back into position for the next shot.

He’s terrific to watch. And very frustrating because I know I will probably never be able to do what he does, with the same ease and grace that he does.

Of course that doesn’t stop me trying. I figure even if I can’t get around as sweetly as he does, at least I can still get there. It may not be as pretty or as lovely to watch, but my body is working out just as hard and my heart and lungs and legs and everything else is working just as hard.

So next time you see someone really struggling to run or bike or swim don’t feel sorry for them. They’re out there working as hard as they can. It may not look pretty. It may not feel pretty. But in the end it’s the effort you put in not how smooth you look that really counts.

note from shirl:  You always look more elegant than me, Babe!

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