Workout Wednesday – V Crunches

by DavalosMcCormack on December 2, 2009

Last night I was just finished with my cardio workout at the gym, (30 minutes on the stair-master) and stumbled upon an exercise class in progress.  The class was crammed with mats and perhaps 60 people following the teacher who was accompanied by rhythmic music blended with the beckoning of the teacher’s instruction.  Everyone was doing V crunches!  Guess what, I”m going to give you the benefit of my gym dues and share with  you  the crunches you can you do at home without the gym!

“Whoa!”  You say..”how extremely giving you are to tell us about something you pay good money for and yet you are so altruistic,  you would give this information which is available only at the gym…and yet you are willing to share this with us?”  Yes!  I say!  After all, is this not the season of sharing?  …and I found a good video on You Tube that explains it well too!  So here goes.  First run and put on your best exercise togs…or as Kevin does, throw on an old tee shirt and a pair of shorts.  Then get your behind down on the floor, you should be facing the ceiling.  Your shoulders should be 1 to 2 inches off the floor, your knees are bent and your heals are about 2 inches off the floor.  Hence the “V” position.

Now notice how taught your lower stomach muscles feel, notice how your abs feel, they are located right under your rib cage if you haven’t felt them recently.  Now, bring your knees and your shoulders together….yes, your hands should be  comfortably locked behind your head, but make sure they don’t pull your head and neck forward.  You will feel the muscles in your stomach, lower abs, and upper abs working.  You should not feel a pull at the neck.

Here’s the variation, you can do this very slow, or in a brisker manner, it’s your choice.  You should do at least 10, if you can 20, rest and do the same again.

In no time at all you will be wondering why they call them six packs…after all beer had nothing to do with it!

Want to see it?  Click here!

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