This Pint Is On Me! T'is The Season for Giving

by DavalosMcCormack on December 7, 2009

A pint of beer is a thing of beauty. A pint of blood is something else. Beer can refresh you, but blood can save you. That’s why this holiday season take a little time out of your schedule, and donate a pint of blood. You never know whose life it will save.

In fact, it may save more than one life. A pint of blood can be broken up into different components – such as red blood cells, plasma and platelets – and used to help three people.

The blood can be used to help people battling cancer, women undergoing problem pregnancies, people undergoing surgery. It can be used to help newborn or premature babies, people suffering from diseases such as sickle cell or thalassemia (a blood disease).

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion. If that blood isn’t there they could die or suffer serious health consequences. That’s why it’s vital that more people donate.

Over the holidays blood donations decrease because people who usually donate are busy traveling or being with family or just trying to cope with the Christmas madness. Unfortunately the need for blood doesn’t stop, so this time of year blood banks are often in danger of running out of supplies.

This year a lot of people are wondering how they are going to be able to afford a gift for someone they care about. So here’s an idea. Instead of getting them a scarf they won’t wear or socks they don’t need, take an hour out of your day and donate a pint of blood. Tell your friend or family member that you donated it in their name.

Can you imagine anything more precious than knowing that something you did is helping save someone’s life. It’s not a question of could be, it’s a certainty. It’s the ultimate gift. And all it takes is a little time, and this holiday season even in the midst of such grim economic news, most of us still have so much to be grateful for. Take an hour, donate a pint of blood, help someone else have reason to give thanks.

To find out where and how to donate, go here

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