There is a Wrinkle in this Study

by DavalosMcCormack on December 22, 2009

Why do male birds have more colorful feathers?  I’ve always been a little jealous about the raw deal females get in nature.  I remember watching films in elementary school where the announcer’s voice said, “Notice the drab color of the female, whereas the male’s plumes are colorful, and vibrant.”  Why is that?

Males seem to get a lot of perks just by being male, don’t you think?  And it is the same when it comes to wrinkles too!

It seems that when it comes to wrinkles around the mouth, women get the short end of the stick.  There was a study published in  Aesthetic Surgery Journal in which researcher found that

1 – Women’s skin tissues around the mouth contain fewer sweat and sebaceous glands than men’s, which could influence the natural filling of the skin.

2- Women’s skin tissue around the mouth contain fewer blood vessels than men’s. Better circulation may help slow wrinkle development.

3- In women, the closer attachment of muscle fibers surrounding the lips to the middle layer of skin may cause an inward traction, thus creating deeper wrinkles.

Isn’t that precious?  Now, Nora Ephron doesn’t have to just “hate” her neck but she can go ahead and “hate” her mouth too!

But wait, they did a study right? So there must be a conclusion from the study that can tell us ladies what we can do to overcome the nasty twist of fate, right?  Nooooo, my friends.  The study was done to simply obtain new insight into the idea that women wrinkle earlier and more severely than men, so they could develop a  better understanding for the reasons why women look like the crypt keeper faster than men (and perhaps to help sell them on the “need” for preventive care as well – which means more money for you know who!)

The lead researcher in the study, Emma C. Paes, MD, from the University Medical Center in Utrecht, Netherlands, says in a news release; “We think it’s important to consider the reasons why a particular treatment may or may not be effective. Sometimes one has to go back to the basics instead of just moving forward. In the end, having more basic knowledge about a problem can speed up the process of finding the right solution.”

Wait a minute!  What did they conclude?  Women wrinkle more, and faster, and deeper than men.  Hmmm, I always thought that men don’t wrinkle as much because they shave off the dead skin daily.

What I don’t understand, is this study didn’t tell us anything but that women wrinkle.  Did they find that the multi-billion dollar beauty industry selling creams and anti-aging serums work?  No!  That would be yet another study!

Did they find that those extra wrinkles on women are a problem? Did they ask questions such as “does it matter if you have a few extra wrinkles around your eyes or mouth?” No, those are not issues they want to address. They are just happy to tell women why they have more wrinkles than men.

Then guess what happens, they sit back and wait for those women to come to them for the solution.  Expensive creams, injections of cow stuff to fluff up skin, botox to paralyze nerves, laser surgery to burn away layer after layer of skin. You name it, they got it. And all you have to do to get it is take out your credit card.

I’d get really upset about it all but frowning can really speed up wrinkle development!

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