How To Learn To Love Exercise – One Step At a Time

by DavalosMcCormack on December 31, 2009

As the old year changes it’s time for another change. It’s time to change the way you think about exercise.  Today, we’re going to help you keep your “New Year’s Resolution to exercise.  Today is the day that you will be able to not only make a resolution stick, but actually enjoy every step in the process!

So go put on your Ked’s, Adidas, or what ever your choice of exercise shoe is and take a walk.  Yes, right after reading this article I invite you to take a short walk.  That doesn’t hurt, does it?  Nope not at all.  Because you are just going to take a short walk today and then at the same time tomorrow your are going to take a little bit longer walk.  Say if you walked to the corner and back today, tomorrow you will walk to the next corner.

We are going to add just a little bit to each day of walking.  Just a little bit more walking for 29 days.  You can do that can’t you?

Absolutely, you can.  So put those shoes on and take a short walk…then add a little more everyday for 29 days. Do you know what this does for you?  You, my friend, are exercising!  Yep, you did it!  And even better, exercising has now become a habit.  Do you know what benefits you are gaining by walking?  You will be astonished at how many!

  • Studies have shown that walking for just 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of heart disease by 30 to 40% (Nurses Health Study of 72,ooo female nurses)
  • Walking lowers your blood pressure and makes your heart more efficient.
  • It boosts “good” cholesteral and reduces the “bad”. (Physical activity helps reduce low-density lipoproteins -plaque builders).
  • Walking helps you manage your weight which in turn will help you prevent diseases like: sleep apnea, depression,  type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer, and osteoarthritis!

Not to mention the calm you will gain by getting out and clearing your mind.  Plus, you get to know your neighbors better and you will see lovely things on your walk.

So begin, right now…go get your shoes and just go to the corner, that’s not hard, is it.

You can do it…little by little your life and health will change beginning right, right, now!

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