Every Decision Counts

by DavalosMcCormack on December 17, 2009

So, Shirley got back from a quick visit to inject economic stimulus into the New York economy late Tuesday night. She does her bit for the country you know; dinners here, theatre there, a museum or four, pretty soon it all adds up.

Then Wednesday she was up early and running around taking care of business. At one point she called me at work to talk about what she was going to do and after listing a number of items she said “and I’m going to write a piece for the website”

So, I get home after a long day at work and what do I find. Nothing! OK, that’s not true. I found the fabulous Simone, mother of Emma Danger, and the equally fabulous Emma Danger. Shirley was taking home her other fabulous daughter, Ari, and Ari’s terrific boyfriend Tim, who were fresh back from a trip to Texas.

When Shirley got back she apologized for not having written a piece for Healthy and Simple. And I’m thinking. OK, you took care of your family, you took care of your work (which actually pays you) you did the laundry, you went to the shops and cooked dinner and baked a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies, AND you even managed to squeeze in a quick jaunt to the gym.

So, while Shirley may not have written a piece for healthy and simple she lived it. She showed that every decision is about health, and the decisions she made reflected that.

She took care of her family. She took care of herself. Can there be anything more important than that!

p.s. from shirley:

I love this guy!

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