Workout Wednesday – Holiday Preparation Guide

by DavalosMcCormack on November 4, 2009

Last week Shirley and I saw our first Christmas tree of the season. No kidding. It wasn’t even Halloween and there it was, front and center in the window of a flat in a big apartment building, a real Christmas Tree, bedecked with lights and decorations. Scary stuff.

We knew it was real and not some figment of our imgination or even a beer-induced vision¬†because our favorite curry house – Lahore Karahi, which we had just left – didn’t have a beer/wine license and wasn’t allowing people to bring their own in anymore (thanks very much SFPD! aren’t there slightly more important things to do than stop a chap enjoying a nice cold beer with his nice hot curry?)

Anyway, seeing the tree reminded us that even though it wasn’t even Halloween at that time,¬† Christmas was already on the way and so it was time to start thinking about preparing for the holidays.

Now, we’re not talking about putting up lights or stocking up on fruit cakes and other seasonal essentials. We’re talking about getting ready for all the excess in food and frivolity that comes along this time of year. It all serves to throw you out of your regular exercise rhythm and leave you feeling a tad more sluggish and heavier than usual.

So, now is the time to start preparing for the holiday interruption to your usual workout routine by working out ways to squeeze in activity wherever you can.

Over the next few weeks you should start;

  • figuring out where the stairs are in every building you go into, so you can take them.
  • identifying where the best places to go walking at lunchtime are, you’ll need those
  • locating convenient hills in your neighborhood or near where you work
  • scoping out your office for materials that you can quickly and easily use to exercise with without embarrassing yourself in front of your colleagues
  • having things around the home that allow you to do arm lifts and shoulder presses while watching TV
  • learning how to do yoga stretches while standing around at the office or taking the bus or train home

All of these will help you stay reasonably active over the holidays, even if you never make it to the gym. They might not just save your waistline, by helping you burn off stress they might also help save your sanity.

Of course if you are one of those people who already have their Christmas tree up, then no amount of exercise is going to help you. You are already a lost cause.

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