What are you feeling?

by DavalosMcCormack on November 9, 2009

Lately, I’ve been working on a web TV show, www.powersewing.com.  I’ve been very busy and I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, so Kevin has been “taking up the slack”.  He has been posting and also, he has been posting.

He hasn’t ever said to me, “Why aren’t you finding time to post?”  However, I have been feeling guilty.  Well, not really guilty but I have been anticipating that I might “get in trouble” for not posting.

My mind has been having thoughts that I don’t need.  I’m now reminded that the thoughts that we have can cause our emotions to do things we don’t need.

I have forgotten to notice my feelings.  I have forgotten to notice what I am feeling and  what I am saying to myself. I have forgotten that my thoughts are my servants and that I can control them and what I think.  If I choose to allow thoughts that make me feel bad I will feel bad. 

Recently, I was listening to a podcast of Dr. Emmet Miller, M.D., one of the  fathers of Holistic Medicine. He was talking about how our health may be directly related to our feelings.  For instance, perhaps a man goes to the doctor because he has a burning pain in his mid-section.  The doctor finds that the man is suffering from an ulcer in his stomach and he treats it.

Dr. Miller says that many times health care treats the problem and eliminates the symptom but never goes on to find the source.

What if the doctor talked with the man and found out that he takes aspirins everyday.  Why does the man take the aspirin?  It’s because he has headaches.  Why does he have headaches?   Because he drinks whiskey every night.  Why does he drink?  Because he has bad thoughts and feelings.  Why? Because he regrets his past and worries about his future?

We can find the source of this man’s ulcer in the thoughts and feelings he has.  If that’s so we can use our thoughts and feelings to keep ourselves well and  we can imagine ourselves to be healthy.  If we notice what we are feeling we can find out if we are encouraging good health or creating pain in our thoughts and our bodies.  Find the source.  We can choose and control them.

Each time you picture the person you want to be, you become that person, because the thoughts you have will become a reality.  What kind of person do you want to be?  Can you drop the negative thoughts that make you sorry, sad, guilty or miserable?

We are in the season of Joy and Love and many of us do not feel that Joy and Love.  We feel lost and some of us feel lonely or scared.  Scared of the news we hear everyday, scared that our future is not what we want, scared that our money will be gone.

Dr. Miller reminds me that our thoughts are our’s to choose or let go.  Our future isn’t ahead of us, but something we are creating right now.  Our past doesn’t exist and it will never come back.  We are magical beings that have forgotten the magic within, but we don’t have to.

If we say we are too old, we will be too old.  If we say we are losers, we will be losers.  As Dr. Miller says, “If we say life is a  bitch, it will be a bitch.”

So what are you feeling?  I haven’t posted.  I have now. I feel better
Make this holiday season Joyful for those you love….Just love them. Stay Healthy.

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