Walking Because You Can!

by DavalosMcCormack on November 12, 2009

Kevin and I love to walk.  There are Saturday walks, evening walks, walks to our nearest Pub (actually it’s a neighborhood bar), and walks because we don’t want to move the car.  We walk to the movies, walk to dinner, walk to avoid parking.  We just love walking.

There are some days that we wake up in the morning, go to our favorite coffee place on Chestnut Street, have a light breakfast and we decide to take a little walk to the Marina.  We live in San Francisco, yes, that’s the City with all the hills, so when we walk there are lots of hills involved.

Sometimes we’ll leave our apartment at 8:00 in the morning and we’ll come home at 8:00 at night…just walking all day, no agenda.  We’ll stop to look at interesting sites, like a Chinese temple tucked away on a side street in Chinatown, or we’ll get a mid morning coffee at the Steps of Rome in North Beach where we can watch football (soccer, to us Americans) and have coffee and read our books.

There are so many interesting things to see when you walk.  You pick up snippets of conversation, like the gal who passed us on Chestnut Street talking into her cellphone:  “I would have spit right back!”  hmmmm, sounds like an interesting situation.  Or the couple on the green that look like they are on their very first date, or the dad trying to calm down his infant so mom can sleep in at home.

You can also take in the wonderful sites of hidden gardens, or architecture that goes unnoticed if you are simply driving by.  There are tourists to help as they stand on the corner looking at their maps and wondering where to go for breakfast or lunch.

We love to discover events that are taking place , events we would have not seen or heard about if we didn’t just happen to walk by. There is music, or young gals tumbling on the Marina, there are kids who are the masters of their hula-hoop and young parents who have just about every baby accessory you can buy.

I love the old ladies who own the neighborhood, who walk to the store and will say hello to you because they recognize you from past encounters.

There’s the guy we call the Mayor of Union Street who keeps us up to date on which stores are closing and what will be opening soon.

We just love to walk!  We never get tired (okay, maybe coming up the Fillmore Street hill, but that’s a 45 degree angle so we can be excused for getting a little out of breath coming up)

And you know what?  (okay, you knew this was coming) walking is really good for you, and you get all of the above…if not more!

So why don’t you get out and take a nice long walk?

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