Workout Wednesday – Improvise

by DavalosMcCormack on October 7, 2009

So, a few weeks ago we got an email from a reader (I love saying that!) asking for some tips on how to exercise when you are traveling a lot and it’s cold and snowy outside and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on random gym memberships.

It got us thinking – which in itself is quite amazing – about different ways to get some exercise when you don’t really have anywhere to exercise. And it occurred to us that with a bit of imagination you can get a really good workout wherever you are.

The first thing you have to do is just look around you, there are opportunities everywhere.

First thing to look for is a staircase you can walk or run up and down depending on your level of fitness and where it is. If the meeting is near your hotel close to your room and a shower then run. If it’s in a shopping mall or in the office where you are visiting a business client then perhaps walking is more appropriate – the client might not be terribly impressed if you show up breathless and sweaty for an important meeting.

Then, if you just happen to be in a motel that is a single story building or is just two stories, then you’ll obviously have to try and find something else.

So, try Burpees. You can do those in the privacy of your hotel room. You don’t need much room, they are a great form of exercise and just a few minutes of those will really give you a great workout.They work out the arms, chest, shoulders, legs, and abs. And they’ll really get the heart and lungs pumping. You can’t get a better workout than that.

If you are looking for more concentrated stuff then the old-standby push-up is great. You can do it on the floor or if you want something a bit more challenging you can put your feet up on the bed or a chair and have your hands on the floor. That puts more weight on your arms and chest and forces them to work harder.

If you want one single piece of equipment that can serve a multiplicity of purposes then look no further than a piece of rubber tubing. You can buy them online or get them in many sports stores. They are cheap, lightweight, portable and you can use them to build stronger muscles, develop flexibility, work muscles in ways you didn’t know were possible, work muscles you didn’t know you had.

Those are just a few ideas. There are many other low or no-cost ways of getting a good workout, whether you are on the road or at home. It’s easy. All you need is the desire, and a bit of imagination.

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