How to Gain Self-Knowledge and Self-Esteem

by DavalosMcCormack on October 16, 2009

How do you gain self – knowledge?

Here are some things to consider as you ponder that question.  First of all why is it important to have self-knowledge? Well, it’s important to understand your own basic attributes, strengths and weaknesses or limits so you can better cope with the world as it presents itself to you.

Understanding what triggers your stress levels will help you calm yourself easier.

For instance, if you get stressed easily when you are in a noisy atmosphere or you become short tempered, observe how you react physically and mentally.  Do you feel anxious?  You will be able to cope better if you know what makes you feel stressed. When you observe how you react to different circumstances you will gain information about your self….hence, self-knowledge.

When you have this information you can see how you cope with problems and situations.  What do you do that works for you?  What do you do that undermines your overall optimum behavior?  In other words, you are now observing your strengths and weaknesses and you will be able to recognize events or thoughts that reveal your coping style and you can then begin to build skills which will help you cope more easily and comfortably.

What happens when you obtain self-knowledge?

You become less judgmental and begin to enjoy self-acceptance.  You then realize that you are fine in many ways.  Maybe you are good at cooking, not so good at math, or maybe you are good at being diplomatic, but you can’t boil water, or maybe you’re good at math but you suck at charades.   You see, being in acceptance of who you are releases you of being unhappy.

Some people call this having confidence.  But self-confidence is an overused term like self-esteem.  Most of us are good at most things but are not good at others.  Self-acceptance lets you embrace what you are good at and accept what you are not so great at.  There is room for improvement right, but you are no longer beating yourself up for not being “perfect”.

Accepting that you are who you are gives you permission to “be” who you are.  No need to change who you are but simply accept the person you are right now.  Okay, you may want to be better at math, or you may want to make a mousse or soufflé, or you may want to beat everyone at charades, and you can learn those skills by focusing on them and in time you will get better.  You are free to create the person you want to be.

Creating confidence in yourself.

As you master the first two steps, gaining self-knowledge and creating self-acceptance, you will become more confident in your abilities.  After all, you are getting better with every step you take.  You are stretching and taking risks and expanding your horizons.

Lot’s of people call this self-esteem, another overused and overrated phrase.  Self esteem is really just being confident about who you are…your abilities and understanding your limits ….uh…hmmmm, and accepting them.

Self knowledge, leads to self-acceptance, on the path to self-confidence…or self-esteem and less stress…now that’s healthy and simple!

Still have questions?  Go back to the top of this page and read again.  Geez…..c’mon…it’s not that tough!

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