Health Care 2.0

by DavalosMcCormack on October 9, 2009

When people think of health care, they think of their insurance and their doctor, that’s the guy or gal who is the first one they see when checking in on their health.  The doctor is the first person who can shed light on health issues, diagnose the problem and inform the patient on how to deal with it.  But what would happen if the people didn’t go to the physician just when something was wrong or terribly wrong.

That’s your annual check up right?  Well, yes it is but many people who are uninsured, underinsured or just don’t have the funds simply do not have an annual check up.

The American Journal of Public Health reported in a study in the state of Iowa: “Medical Checkups: Who Does Not Get Them?” The Results: A decreased likelihood of recent checkups was noted for persons aged 25 to 44, men, and those who faced cost barriers. An increased likelihood of recent checkups was associated with married people, those with the highest household income, health insurance, fair and poor health status, physical exercise, occasional smoking, and some chronic diseases.

Who is the first line of defense?  Primary care physicians, and yet only 1% of all health care dollars are taken home by primary care physicians, which means 99% is being spent on other parts of health care, much of it on specialists and other doctors to treat diseases that could have been prevented or managed.

Amazingly, there are millions of people who know their risks factors for obesity, diabetes, or high blood pressure and the diseases that can cause the kidney damage, amputation, blindness, or other major problems that follow, and yet, they do not manage their own health.  They may be in denial.  How can we get them to listen and take action, in fact, save their health?

Most disease can be avoided, or at least better controlled, if consumers actually stepped up to the plate and began to take responsibility for their own health.

So Adam Bosworth has a dream to help people manage their own health and wellness.  Adam is the former  health care fella at Google and used to be Google’s VP of engineering so he knows health and IT.  Adam has an idea, he calls it keas – and it gives consumers some interesting health rights.  Listen to his idea.

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