Time To Go Public About the Public Option

by DavalosMcCormack on October 22, 2009

So, I was watching TV comedian and political commentator Bill Maher recently and Bill was interviewing Alan Grayson, the Democratic Congressman from the 8th District of Florida.  They were talking about health care. These days there are a lot of politicians, and even ordinary people, on TV shows talking about health care reform. Just the other day the Today Show had families talking about the problems they have had in getting insurance for their children.

Recently, it was reported  51% of the American public want to have a Public Option for insurance, but if you think about it…that doesn’t matter, because those people are not being heard, because the people we have elected to look out for us are looking out for themselves or their own party.  They are not looking out for the common good, they are looking to be re-elected, they are looking to make their party stronger.  They are not looking out for you or me.   Oh…that’s okay because you have health care you say?  Okay, think about this.

The real issue is how much responsibility the government has for its citizens’ health care?   What is the   role of government and the responsibility of citizens for their own welfare.   Do you want the government to help you…so you don’t become bankrupted by a health problem like half of all the bankruptcies each year. Yes, half of all bankruptcies are caused by health care costs.

So let’s take a look at this.  You have a family…but actually you don’t even need to have a family to go bankrupt, really all you need is to be uninsured and have an accident.  Oh, you say but you are insured?  Well, my dear, I have insurance too.  I had a mother who had insurance.  She had cancer.  She had 2 big binders of bills and insurance forms, each was 2 inches thick.  My sister, God Bless her, organized, followed and argued for each charge that we thought was unwarranted. My mother had support and help and someone who understood bureaucracy.  My sister was like a puppy with a shoe. Nothing went unquestioned, because my mother did not have the strength to fight.  She had my sister.

What if you took a flying header off you bike…If you are uninsured, you are facing a lot of bills, and if you are insured, you are facing a lot of record keeping, calling, showing your proof and continual arguments.

I heard a gal on the radio show, “Fresh Air”, the other day telling host Teri Gross that most people think that when you get cancer you should take care of yourself and be “serene and at peace” so your body can heal itself, but instead, she was on the phone, begging, arguing and persisting…fighting for the right to her health care, and the chance to live.

What is wrong here.  You may not need it now, you may be safe, but people deserve the right to have help, support, and good health care.  Medical care when you need it.  It should be a right, not a privilege.

Don’t you think so – If you do, please let your representative know how you feel.

…that’s all I have to say today.

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