We Need Health Reform

by DavalosMcCormack on September 11, 2009

On Wednesday night I heard our President’s speech about health care reform.  I must have heard a different speech than the conservatives because I really thought there was a lot of reason and clarity in President Obama’s words.

I didn’t hear the haranguing against the Republican’s that was described by the Republican representatives that commented on the speech.  I didn’t hear the confrontational stance against the Republican party that  some heard.  I didn’t hear how offering affordable health care insurance to people who can’t afford it now is a bad idea.

I did hear how the President agrees with some of the ideas of the Republican Party, like Senator John McCain’s proposal to offer immediate coverage for those denied insurance for pre-existing conditions, and the Bush administration’s call for malpractice reform.

And I heard the President talk about building our future, finding what is working and making it better instead of breaking our health care policies down and beginning all over again.

His speech was thoughtful and understandable, it brought the focus back to what we can do to change for the better and diminished the idea the the “Public Option” is the only thing of importance to reform the health care bill.

Offering insurance to the uninsured is important, don’t get me wrong.  I was one of those uninsured for seven years, and I can tell you I felt fearful and vulnerable every day of those seven years, knowing that at any moment my life could be completely changed if I had an accident, or contracted a disease.  Not only would my health and future be in jeopardy but the cost of care could destroy me financially in just a few days.

So take it from someone who has been there – and is relieved, delighted, blessed not to be there anymore –  insuring those who have no insurance is important, and it can save all of us money because they will be more likely to seek preventative care, creating fewer visits to the Emergency Department or finally seeking help when the disease is already far advanced.

We all pay for people who have no  medical coverage.  But that is only a small part of this reform.

What I heard was there is a long road ahead and we need to begin with the first steps and create a better path along the way by working together.

…and then I heard…”You Lie!”  from Republican Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina.

What was he hearing? What was he thinking?

He didn’t convince me!  I know what I heard.

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