We Have 2 Brains! Why Not Use Both?

by DavalosMcCormack on September 28, 2009

Most people think of them as the left brain and the right brain. The left brain is the logical one, the one that deals with linear thinking, like solving math problems or planning a road trip. The left brain thinks analytically, it’s responsible for understanding languages, numbers, words and writing. The right brain thinks in pictures, emotions, sounds and symbols. Due to the right brain’s emotional sense, it can effect not only our psychological but also our physical states of mind. By imagining positive images the right side can make us feel comforted and safe which in turn can create a more relaxed frame of mind and actually lower blood pressure and loosen tense muscles. This is not just a belief, it’s a scientific fact, backed up by many studies; what you imagine can change the chemistry in your body.

Guided Imagery and hypnosis are used to promote a healthier outlook and a sense of well being just by imagining positive outcomes. We spend most of our time in our left brain, the logical thought processes in the conscious state of mind, because in our society that’s how we are educated and rewarded. You get an A if you know all the facts and information. You get into college if you get good grades, etc.

The right brain is where the subconscious mind lives. So focusing your attention on positive results will give your subconscious mind the authority and the go ahead to create a positive reality, just like worry and negative thoughts create an negative reality.

The subconscious mind doesn’t analyze, it doesn’t figure if the outcome is possible or not, it doesn’t judge or compare your thoughts with reality or try to identify exactly how something can or cannot happen, it simply takes your word for it and goes to work to create the goal or outcome you have been focusing on.

So, your thoughts are very powerful, that’s why you must be very careful how you think, what you talk about, and what you say to yourself. You attract whatever you put your attention to. If you focus your thoughts on how unlucky you are, you will be unlucky. If you focus on thoughts that you can’t lose weight, you won’t!

We do it all the time; you know, the thoughts in your head that tell you what might go wrong, or what to judge, or just those thoughts that give you something to worry about. Worry is how most of us experience our imagination, we anticipate problems, we rehearse arguments over things that haven’t even happened yet, we prepare ourselves for failure.

But we can change the pattern of worry by using the imagination to our advantage. We can train our mind to put our subconscious to work FOR us not against us, to create a better outlook. All you have to do is imagine the best. Don’t let the left brain tell you no! Just pretend, imagine, see it, taste it, feel it. As if it has already become reality, and it will.

Okay, all you left brainers out there, just do it for 2 weeks. Notice what you say to yourself and make it a positive statement instead. Meet back here in 2 weeks and tell me what you found out!

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Davalos/McCormack September 28, 2009 at 7:12 am

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Charlotte Reznick PhD September 29, 2009 at 6:41 am

Very much enjoyed your post. I have been using guided imagery with children and teens for over 20 years. I find it extremely effective in developing the internal resources to find creative answers to solve life’s challenges: from loving yourself, to overcoming fear, to developing positive social skills. I’d love to share my new book on this subject – The Power of Your Child’s Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success (Perigee/Penguin, 2009) and invite you to my website http://www.ImageryForKids.com and my Psychology Today blog. Wish you the very best!
Dr. Charlotte


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