Workout Wednesday – Deep Dip Push Ups

by DavalosMcCormack on August 12, 2009

People love their dip. Chips and dip are a basic part of many people’s diet – guacamole, salsa, you name it they dip into it.  Now there’s another dip that isn’t quite as tasty but might help undo some of the caloric damage of the other dips. It’s deep dip push ups.

Push ups have a bad rap. I think it’s due to them being imposed on us all in school. So when we hear the phrase now it conjures up all sorts of memories from our past; memories of sadistic gym teachers, gangly youths, stick thin arms, bullying jocks. The stuff that every Hollywood movie about high school is based on.

But forget the past, the push up is a wonderfully simply exercise that gives terrific benefits. And when you add on a set of handles to allow you to go even deeper, then the benefits are even greater.

The handles are just simple metal devices that rest on the ground and give you an extra few inches to dip down into. That expanded range of motion works the muscles in different ways, so you can’t do as many push ups but you can get bigger benefits from the ones you do.

Remember to keep the rhythm smooth and steady. Each push up should take about 2 seconds. That slower movement requires greater control and so forces you to work your shoulders, chest, arms and core muscles harder.

You’ll really feel the difference after just one set. And after a few days you’ll notice the difference too. And as a reward. You can have some dip!

Want to see how they work, just go here.

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