Good Enough…Is!

by DavalosMcCormack on August 21, 2009

Sometimes you get flashes of insight from unexpected directions. That’s what happened to me when I was wearing one of my other caps, as a Media Trainer.

That’s right, I have many hats, hypnosis (which I love), producing Power Sewing (which I love), writing for Healthy and Simple (which I do…and also kind of love when and if I think I’m writing something that someone would read and think…oh….I’m glad I know that…which I would love), and Media Training, (which I love!).   So the arrow falls on Media Training today!

Harummmmph…Media Training is getting authors, CEOs, or anyone who will be meeting the press for interviews prepared to answer questions.  Actually,  what I do is get all those afore mentioned people to fall in love with their messages.  That’s right, it’s not about “spinning” a message it’s about being honest, brave, and open about what you think.

I don’t put words in their mouth  I just give them a different perspective on why they want people to know what they have to say, and inform them on what the audience wants…. in other words, if you are reading or listening to an interview by one of my clients,  we focus on  “Why should you care?” or “What’s in it for you!” That’s what this Media Trainer does!

Anyway, recently a client of mine had just written a book called, “The Slippery Year” during the Media Training she said something absolutely brilliant!

She was talking about how we, as a culture, always want “the best”.  The best career, the best education for our children, the best clothes, the best deal.  We Americans…no, we “people” would like to have the best!  So, do we get the best all the time?  No.

So maybe if we didn’t have to have “the best”  we could get along with “good enough”.  She said, “What would it be like to just settle for “good enough”  like, if you were shopping, “This dress is good enough!”  Then you don’t have to go to every store and make sure you got the “best”.

Can you imagine, how much stress would be relieved if you didn’t have to get “the best”!   Well my friends, guess what?  It turns out you would be happier if you did settle for “good enough”!  It’s the difference between what author Barry Schwarz calls “satisfiers” and “maximizers”.

Maximizers have to glean every drop of information and see all the deals and research whatever decision is set before them so they can get “the best deal” whereas, “satsfier’s” limit their research to what is more convenient, perhaps just going to the closest stores, and checking online for prices so they have an informed choice.  They limit the input and make a decision on “this is good enough”

In The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwarz, the research shows that people who ’satisfy’ as opposed to ‘maximize’ when making decisions are actually happier with their decisions and happier, overall. Satisfiers simply settle for something that is good enough or something that meets their own standards.

Here are some suggestions Barry has to help you become a happier decision maker:

  • Set clear goals (eg; I want a new car for less than $25,000)
  • Set reasonable expectations for your purchase. Avoid thinking that this purchase/decision will finally make you happy and that these feelings of joy will not dissipate.
  • Limit the number of choices for a given decision.
  • Express gratitude on a regular basis
  • Stop comparing yourself to those who have more than you. Upward comparisons can produce jealousy, hostility, frustration, and other negative emotions.

Want to be happier?  Ask yourself, is this “good enough”?

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