You can be a Positive Person and have Negative thoughts!

by DavalosMcCormack on July 27, 2009

I was working with one of my favorite friends today.  She has accomplished a lot.  She has written many books and has traveled extensively.  She is well known in her field and is a sought after speaker and teacher.  She is extremely kind, a good cook, wife and mother and ….well, she’s pretty darn happy, and she should be!

Actually, she’s fine and she just wants to be finer and that’s what I just love about her.

We were chatting about my work as a hypnotherapist and she was asking me what came up consistently regarding the problems my clients faced.  I have been a practicing hypnotherapist for 9 years and I  seen clients who are dealing with all kinds of issues.  Most problems are related to weight, addiction, blocks, and anxiety.  Once in a while I have folks who want to do some remission work or performance enhancing work.

All of them have one thing in common.  They are victim of their thoughts.  Yes, ladies and gentleman, we are all victims of our thoughts and our beliefs.

Dr. Emmett Miller , the father of the mind body connection, says, “Thoughts become behaviours” and they really, really do!   It doesn’t matter who you are, or how evolved you are, the fact is, you have thoughts that can cause you damage!  Damage to your health, damage to your outlook on life, and damage to your future!

Whatever problem we may have in our lives, what we think and how those thoughts make us feel have everything to do with how we physically react.  For instance,  if you think life is hard, it will be.  If you think, “I’ve always been afraid to speak in public, you will be.  If you think, I am not a good writer, you will be correct.  Stop the thoughts!

Actually, it’s not about stopping those nasty thoughts, it’s about observing them.  All you really have to do is recognize what it is you are telling yourself.   Those little thoughts coming from the left side of your brain..the drama freaks..who say…”See, you aren’t smart enough!”  “Look at how she looked at you, she doesn’t like you!”  or “Jeeze another mistake!  You are so incompetent!”

Really – why do we let those thoughts control us.  Aren’t we supposed to control our thoughts!  Yes!  Yes, we can! but first we have to observe what we are thinking, and decide to think better!

Everyone…repeat after me!  My mind is not the boss of me!  I have the right to decide what to think!

And when YOU make that decision, you will be healthier, less stressed, less fat, less blocked, less reactive, and happier! Enough said.

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