Workout Wednesday – Free Weights

by DavalosMcCormack on July 8, 2009

When you move your body you don’t just move one individual part at a time, you move many parts all at the same time. For instance, when you walk it’s not just your legs that are active, you also swing your arms for balance, you activate your core muscles to keep you upright. So why is that when many people exercise they just work out one muscle or muscle group at a time?

That’s why using free weights is a great way of working multiple muscle groups at the same time.


For instance if you use a dumbell to work on your bicepsĀ  you also have to make sure your lets are firmly planted to give you balance, your core muscles are active to give you support and stability. So, as you lift the weight all those elements are brought into action, exercising them as well as the bicep.

The same applies for many other ways of using free weights. By exercising You one muscle or muscle group you bring others into action, working them out as well.

Here’s a site with a variety of different ways to use free weights.

One other big advantage of using free weights is that while many of the machines at the gym, such as Nautilus, are busy and hard to get on, the free weights are often ignored. That means you can get through your workout faster and with less hanging around.

All the more time to go around showing off your fabulously new toned bod!

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