Learning Lessons From Emma Danger

by DavalosMcCormack on July 20, 2009

Emma DangerWe have a baby!  Actually, she’s our grand – daughter, Emma Danger!  That’s her right there.  She is so wonderful, everything is new to her and she is new to us.  When I am with her I love to see how she is constantly learning, taking in the area, observing the sounds, light, colors, objects and her own hands.  I think she just figured out that her hands are things she has some control over, so at 6 months she is beginning to reach for things on purpose.

I have discovered that there is a lot I can learn from this baby about perseverance, patience and goal setting.  You see, Emma Danger has a heck of a lot to learn, but she doesn’t know it.  She just knows that she can make her hands move. I’m really not sure that she even knows it’s her hand.    So she just keeps pushing the boundaries every moment of everyday.

I watched her reach for a toy as she was lying on the floor one day.  She couldn’t quite get her hand to it.  It was just out of her reach, so she kept trying to get it.  This went on for a few minutes and I thought she would get frustrated and begin to cry, but she didn’t.  She just kept trying and finally, after trying very hard,  she got it!

She also achieved a major hurdle because it was at that time that she learned to roll her body over to get closer to the toy.

Just think about this for a second, she used her body as she reached for the toy and achieved her goal.  How?  By trying and focusing and persevering and not giving in to frustration.

This lesson came to me as I was working on editing my web television show “Power Sewing” (okay it’s a tiny plug, but stay with me)

You see I am editing with a software program called Final Cut Pro.  It’s interesting that they call it “Final Cut” because I often feel like slashing my wrists when I’m editing.  Sure, it’s a complicated program and it takes a lot of focus, perseverance, concentration, and patience to learn, just like Emma.

You see, when I begin to get frustrated I think of her because she doesn’t know what she can do yet.  She doesn’t know that she will soon be able to reach the toy, throw it or even put it in her mouth.  She will be able to do all those things because she just keeps trying.

So do I.  Thank you Emma Danger!

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Stacy July 20, 2009 at 11:06 am

A wonderful reminder that we should not limit ourselves. Thanks for putting it into perspective.


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