Burn, Burn, Burn Those Calories Up!

by DavalosMcCormack on July 16, 2009

Yesterday, I was at the gym.  Hold it a minute!  “Yesterday, I was at the gym”?  Do you know how amazing that sounds to me?  Even after all the years I have been going to the gym?

Well, let’s just flash back to the 1990’s – I was dropping my kids off at St. Hilary’s elementary school and a mother and I were chatting.  She said to me in the course of the conversation, “Do you run?”  (this was a time when everyone and their brother jogged, usually in cute little coordinated outfits)  My response was: “Not unless someone is chasing me!”

I suddenly became aware that I really had not done any real exercise for …uhmmm years!  In fact, my exercise clothes were actually black leotards and tights left over from ballet, which was 2 children ago, and my kids are 7 years apart and the second one was 6!So you see, saying “Yesterday, when I was at the gym” still sounds a little amazing to me.  Anyway,  what I was going to say was, yesterday, when I was at the gym,  I burned up 152 calories by working on the stairmaster for 20 minutes… Then I jumped on the rowing machine and burned up another 250 calories. Unfortunately, I thought I burned up 550 calories on the stairmaster and 750 calories on the rowing machine.  However,  Mr. McCormack informs me that the digits I was using were for calories per hour and so he corrected the numbers which took …..so to speak the wind out of my sails since I was going to tell you about “Wow! that many calories in 20 minutes of time?”jump!

So now this whole essay was about….uhmmm burning calories… but, no… now it’s about the fact that I have gone to the gym on a consistent basis for over 10 years!  That is what this essay is about my friends.   It’s about doing something enough (29 times makes it a habit) so you integrate it into your life.

Believe me, if you had asked me if I am the kind of person who goes to the gym 3 or 4…sometimes maybe 5 times a week, I would have laughed, but somehow, someway, I did and I do and it really makes me feel very good and healthy, which makes me feel like, just about anybody can do it.  So burn up those calories!

As a hypnotherapist, all I have to say is everything is about perspective and how you look at things in your life.  You know, if you think life is good, it will be and if you think it isn’t it won’t be.

So I’m going to tell Mr. McCormack it may be only 152 calories on the stairmaster and 260 on the rowing machine, but it felt like 550 and 750!  That’s my perspective!

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